miner's cabin

When someone calls Megatron’s room a ‘cabin’ I can only imagine megatron having installed a shit ton of giant logs against the metal interior of the Lost Light while wearing red/black plaid and overalls like any good lumberjack would. old fashioned megatron likes the outdoors haha because he’s a miner and the log cabin brings him back to his good ol days


Durango, Iowa
Population: 22

“After his death the Indians burned Dubuque’s house and fences and destroyed all traces of his mining operations so far as possible in order to keep out other white men. The Indians themselves continued to work the mines intermittently and sold the ore to traders who had furnaces on the islands in the river. In 1830 J. L. Langworthy and others, having previously obtained the con- sent of the Indians and the Dubuque heirs, crossed the river and began work in the mines. The Eagle Point crevice, it is said, was located at this time. Troops drove out the miners and burned their cabins. Evidently the Durango diggings were worked before 1820, because Schoolcraft, who visited this locality in 1820, says they were known and called “Mine of Maquanquitons."