miner's beach

So… I guess the secret’s out! After Brightshine Jubilee I’m going to be transitioning to Water Flight. There’ll be a major overhaul of my clan lore (adios, Silver Entourage, I loved thee well) and this necessitated some fancy new bio graphics in a sundrenched, blurry vintage photo theme, because I crave that mineral beach. These probably aren’t the ones I’ll be using, but if you could use some fancy vertical bars for your FR bios, there’s an Imgur album here.

Feel free to use them, edit them, paste your dragons on them, do whatever you want to with them–no need to credit, although it’s appreciated (Anthelion, 8324). They are designed to not force a scroll in the desc box in standard viewing resolution *if you don’t put a line break between the nextcol tag and the image tag.*

These might also be useful for pirate dragons :>