miner's beach


Looked at the forecast and decided to head to Lake Superior and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for a little running adventure on the North Country Trail. It definitely lived up to the adventure part. Lots of water, mud and downed trees to get through. Some years the trails would still be covered in snow this time of year so no complaints here. 11.5 miles total. Miners Beach to Grand Portal Point and back. No matter how many times I visit I’m always finding something new. I love this place.

Personal collection time–here’s an unusual find from the Oregon coast! It looks like two entirely different stones were glued together–but this is how they were formed naturally. The left side of this stone is your standard beach agate with some lovely pockmarking. The right side is basalt from one of the massive lava flows that make up a large portion of Oregon. Agate often forms while igneous rocks (like basalt) are cooling and crystallizing. So when the lava that created this basalt was beginning to settle, some of the quartz coalesced into a pocket of agate. As erosion wore away at the larger stone formation, this little piece broke off just so, and this is how it came out after a month in my tumbler.

So… I guess the secret’s out! After Brightshine Jubilee I’m going to be transitioning to Water Flight. There’ll be a major overhaul of my clan lore (adios, Silver Entourage, I loved thee well) and this necessitated some fancy new bio graphics in a sundrenched, blurry vintage photo theme, because I crave that mineral beach. These probably aren’t the ones I’ll be using, but if you could use some fancy vertical bars for your FR bios, there’s an Imgur album here.

Feel free to use them, edit them, paste your dragons on them, do whatever you want to with them–no need to credit, although it’s appreciated (Anthelion, 8324). They are designed to not force a scroll in the desc box in standard viewing resolution *if you don’t put a line break between the nextcol tag and the image tag.*

These might also be useful for pirate dragons :>