miner meme

Dated memes: crave that mineral
Old memes: le trolled face
Ancient memes: it’s peanut butter jelly time
Prehistoric memes: long cat is long
Memes lost by time: pools closed

The signs as memes
  • Aries: Viva La Pluto
  • Taurus: Bee Movie
  • Gemini: Don't cry... Craft
  • Cancer: Sure, Jan
  • Leo: Darude Sandstorm
  • Virgo: Paul Blart Mall Cop
  • Libra: Snake meme, or sneme
  • Scorpio: Sneme (snail meme)
  • Sagittarius: Skeleton War
  • Capricorn: Crave that mineral
  • Aquarius: Putin banned memes meme
  • Pisces: Left Shark
Me when I get married

Pastor: The bride has written her own vows.

Me: *looks deep into partners eyes* I love you more than Pepe the Frog. No grumpy cat can make me sad around you. I will climb 90 degrees to taste your mineral, cause I crave it. You are my cinnamon roll, too precious, too pure. Thanks Obama, for giving me my true love. Not even the fact you stuffed bread sticks in your purse during our first date could deter our love. I’m never gonna give you up, and-

*is shot by jealous ex*

/mmm whatcha sayyy/

The signs as memes

Aries: do you crave that mineral

Taurus: pepe

Gemini: I’m a snerson (snake person)

Cancer: I’m a snerson (snail person)

Leo: blowing the trumpet and slamming the oven door


Libra: I’ve never heard of a George Glass at our sküle

Scorpio: left shark

Sagittarius: inappropriate audition songs

Capricorn: *looks at smudged writing on hand*

Aquarius: I came out here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

Pisces: putting things in that weird-ass advertisement frame

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