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Thoughts on Body Ritual Among the Nacirema?

i JUST had my students read it!! And it blew their got damn minds.

My interpretation of it is that the way Miner writes about Americans is the way anthropologists talk about other cultures/societies. When someone reads this article without knowing it’s about Americans, they find this ‘other’ culture as bizarre, backwards, foreign. Anthropologists tend to write in a way that IS very Othering, distancing, objectifying, if not fetishizing. I think that is the lesson here - WE are not unlike any other culture, in that our practices are arbitrary and illogical. WHY then, do we posit other cultures in this way? Why do we write about ‘other peoples’ in a way that is dehumanizing? These are the first steps towards decolonizing the discipline. 


Creepy Voices in Abandoned Mine

Mines are scenes of great tragedy, many men entered a mine searching for gold and riches, fewer left. The life of a miner was a dangerous one. Worrying about cave-ins, fires, and other dangers put your life under constant threat. Unfortunately thousands of miners lost their lives on the job, which means some of them still haven’t left. Many mines are haunted because of their tragic history. Especially throughout the American west during men’s greedy search for gold.

This video was originally intended to be a review of the ThruNite TN12 Flashlight, but towards the end took a creepy turn. It starts off in a stormy night as Frank (the uploader) approaches the Waldeck Mine. He gets in the tunnel and talks about the flashlight, then starts to talk about the mine itself. The entire video is interesting and worth a watch but the voices start at 12:08. He seems visibly shaken by the voices and tries to calm himself down by giving logical explanations but the sounds are clearly voices. Entire phrases can be made out.

The first voice is hard to make out, but the first audible one is at 12:13. It appears to be saying “turn the lights off.” The next audible voice is at 12:17 and it says “faster, faster, faster.” The next couple seconds are hard to make out because he is stumbling, but at 12:29 it’s hard to decide what I’m hearing. “Get out” or “fear us” or “turn it off” is repeated three times. The most bone chilling of voices appears at 12:41 and it clearly says “you can see me in the shadows.” That voice is followed by what I hear as “go home” and Frank starts to unknowingly honor that request as he makes his way back towards the portal. At 12:56 the last voice says “help me I’m on fire, send me outside.”

This clip was very creepy, and it defiantly sounds like some creepy voices were captured. Due to the storm outside some people think it was just wind making the voices, some people think they were added in by the user to get views. But he majority of the viewers think this video is authentic, including myself. He seems like a reasonable trustworthy guy who has a hobby of exploring mines. It’s not the first time he’s had paranormal experiences in them, because he has other videos. When frequenting your time in a place like mines it’s hard not to.

YouTube: Exploring Abandoned Mines

View of miners posing in copper mine shaft at Calumet, Michigan. Printed on front: “10039. ‘Just up,’ ascending from the depths of a copper mine. Copr. Detroit Publishing Co.” Printed on back: “Phostint card. Made only by Detroit Publishing Co., trademark reg. U.S. Pat. Off.” Handwritten on back: “Arrived here about four hours later, fog on Superior. I don’t see your 'phiz’ in the car.” Card is postmarked June 9, 1911.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library