She theorizes another scenario,
a solution paved
with kind intentions;

eyelash wishes.
Red lights blemish shaking hands.

She listens to landscapes while she handles home.
Two bags weigh her consciousness;
she tries to lighten her impression standing

on a crowded street. New shoes lap up dreary weather.
Perspectives ignore the unfathomable.

She guesses anyway.

Excavators are a race of insect that have their hand replace with mining equipment along being well known for going into toxic areas in caves and undersea mining missions. They also know to be some of the smartest engineers in their ranks along with being smart they also seen have military training when even a threat like creatures or raiders.


April 29th - I’d been out for a ride late in the afternoon and returned when night had fallen. On a frankly uninspiring photographic day, I spotted Morris, the Brownhills Miner as I came back through town.

I never liked the mix of white and blue lights they chose to illuminate this remarkable sculpture with, but now some of them have burnt out, the lighting looks a lot better: less operating theatre harsh and more industrial darkness, as if Morris was being lit by the ghost light of the welds that created him.

Still love every single stainless steel segment of him (and there are hundreds - just look!)