So for my character design class we had to do three transformation sets and think zombie transformation but not do zombie. So after looking into Scleroderma I came up with this. 

The premise is that this mining community managed to break into this huge mineral deposit in the ground. Unfortunately, what they didn’t realize was this deposit was hyper active and had the ability to grow on/in anything. So once the particles got into the air and breathed in by the town’s inhabitants, suddenly crystals start sprouting on and out of their skin. By the end the town is filled with these horrific human/crystal statues.

1) Miner who was basically the first victim of the disease. His body one day just dropped down dead in the mine and everyone was too afraid to touch him so they just left him down there where the rocks and crystal grew and basically became apart of the mine wall.

2) Mom and her baby. Baby completely crystalized and then the mom soon afterwards. Her hand broke off and her skin has taken on the properties of the crystal and left in her frozen in agony for all eternity. 

3) Little girl whose parents were desperate to save her. At one point they thought that severing the supposed infected limb would stop the spread of the disease, but when they cut off her arm they found that inside of her arm had taken the form of a geode. At one point her eye fell out and revealed the same geode-like inside. Eventually she was rooted to the ground and died from the crystals sprouting out from her chest. 

UPDATE: got some crits from my TA and went and I went in and fixed the rendering on the crystals smidgen (still not perfect but hey, I’m still learning!)