If you look away and just turn your back on those 
you don’t understand, you’ll regret it someday.
Accept what’s happening before your eyes as a fact.
That’s a shortcut to becoming an adult, missy.

↳Happy Happy Birthday to MWPSB Division One Enforcer, Ginoza Nobuchika! ( ˘ ³˘)❤


They say that fools learn from their experiences, while the wise learn from history. I hope you’re not a fool. [x]

♕A world where it's possible to assign a number to measure a human's mental state and character tendencies. The number that judges a human's soul by recording and controlling every psychological inclination became known as the "Psycho-Pass."

↳ Psycho-Pass Movie OP “Who What Who What” by  Ling Tosite Sigure [x] [x]

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