So the infinite concert was sooo perfect I can’t even right now.  I got so much fan service and just being able to see sunggyu up close was..I don’t even know how to describe it.

Before the convert while we were in Line there was a van parked right next to us. No one payed attention to it and like after 5 minutes sunyeol stuck his head out and then they quickly drove away…fucking tease. Hoya also did the same a few minutes later l.

I had a small conversation with sunggyu, Hoya , Woohyun, and sunggyu. Sunggyu and sungyeol touched my hand. Woohyun, Hoya and Sungyeol sang Into my camera.

Sunggyu have me a plushie after I was pushed and dropped sungyeols.  Sungyeol took my phone. Sunggyu said “me too” after I threw a heart at him.

Dongwoo sang and danced directly in front of me and kept looking at my camera.

After sunggyu’s solo i cried for like 10 minutes and sunggyu and sunyeol told me not to cry.  Woohyun had a conversation with my friend who was next to me.

So I’m at the airport right now waiting to go back home so this is really messy and unorganized.  I will upload some fan cams and pics when I get home.


I got better audio and video footage on my cell phone but i wanted to share one I got on my camera.

Yes its really shaky and bad but Woohyuns wave and Dongwoo’s dance was just too much;A;




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