Killian has always waited for Emma, for her to make the first move, for her to kiss him. He was always so cautious not to push her, not to invade her privacy, not to scare her or make her uncomfortable around him. He can’t risk messing this up.

But now Emma has let him in, she is telling him how important he is to her. How she CAN’T bare the thought of losing him. And now he knows. He knows her heart has accepted him. He knows she wants him just as he wants her.  He feels safe to make a move now.

She’s so beautiful, and every second he is around her he wants to hold her, kiss her, feel her, and now he knows she’s his. Now he can let go, now he can grab her, pull her in, kiss her passionately because she WANTS him.

This is huge for both of them. Because now he feels comfortable and secure with her, he knows he isn’t going to scare her away because she WANTS to be there with him. And you can see it written ALL over this kiss. Like he’s waited a thousand years to kiss this woman, the woman he loves with every ounce of his being. With every bit of his soul.  


Captain Swan appreciation week
↳ day two: favorite quote

So I chose sort of an overlooked quote for this. A lot of people may not see this as Captain Swan yet, and more of Emma thinking of Neal. And yes of course Emma is remembering Neal, but this quote goes way deeper than that.  During this moment, it’s very ground breaking for Emma and Killian.  This is the first time Emma is opening up to Killian.  Opening her heart, telling him something quite personal.  And it is all following Emma learning something personal about Killian too.  While they are both uncomfortable talking about the past, they each make the other open up and let them in.  I find this very important for both of them, because it’s the beginning of their trust in each other.  Killian didn’t have to open up about Milah to Emma and Emma didn’t have to say she had been in love, but they find this form of trust in one another very early on, and I think that this is very important, and that’s why I picked this quote. :)