A few headcanons of my own for Rokuro Bundo (ofc).

• He has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) - co-ocurring with ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) - (Also gives this certain tumblr user some comfort bc i also have BPD so why the fuck not. Plus its fucking obvious? Emotional Unstability much??).

• His mother left when he was 10 years old, and his father physically and emotionally abused him since then.

• His father drank alot and Rokuro would often sneak into the house if he knew he was there and lock himself in his room after he came back from school, and wait until he passed out to make himself something to eat.

• He was bullied alot at school, emotionally and physically and had no friends.

• He is a Scorpio.

• His Crime was : arson of an inhabited building.

• His Deadman abilities/Branch of sin was only found out when attempting to protect himself from the other prisoners.

• A-sexual or Demisexual : He doesn’t have much interest in any romantic relationship, deeming them unimportant, and that noone could ever match his intelligence, so why try? Aswell as the fact he has never really emotionally bonded with anyone, and would never seek out a relationship unless he felt emotionally connected to them aswell as them being quite intelligent.

• He simply works for Tamaki, and the undertakers because he is quite weak physically and thus would easily die in the Carnival Corpse, so he took the deal to work for Tamaki due to his certain ‘talents’ with technology, and is placed as a ‘mole’ in scarchain, for never-ending supplies of ‘candy’ and cast cards and never having to participate in the Carnival Corpse.

• He is an only child.

• Mathematics was his favourite subject.

• Sports/P.E was his least favourite subject.

• His ‘bird’ name is ‘Rook’