So…had some tests.  3 or 4 vials of blood.  Diagnostic at the hospital.  Blood-work came back just fine.  Waited for results of the other.  And waited.  Called nurse today.  Was told the results were “essentially normal."  I of course inquire as to the difference between essentially normal and normal.  Does this mean there’s nothing new, nothing not already discussed?  I get, again, "the results were essentially normal” with no further exposition but noticeable snark.  Why?

I’m going to go on with life and ignore the whole affair.

Does this happen to you?

I received a phone call last night from someone I very seldom hear from.  They offered me a photo they found and I said I’d love to have it, thank you.  The response I got was “I knew if I offered you a picture, you’d talk to me."  I replied they need not do so; that I’d talk with them regardless.  They replied they call all the time and I don’t return the calls and/or I’m never home.  I denied it - in truth I have no idea what they are talking about - but they persisted.

I let it drop.  They clearly felt righteous about the whole thing. 

They then let me know about all the financial ills in their life as well as in the lives of their children.

What am I to do with all this?  Write checks? 

From the description, I know I already have the photo. 

Mercy and benevolence for another is not predicated on their attention to me or the "proper phrasing” of their request.  Yet, I feel chafed by the inelegantly dropped hints and implied judgment I’ve been inattentive.  I am bothered.