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"Mine." [like he already is]

Send me “Mine” to see my character acting possessive about yours.

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Somehow, over the course of the years, his protectiveness over his sister starter to grow from brotherly bond to something more worthy of a love partner. He would growl and scowl at her over the choose of a partner who, on his eyes, would never be worthy of her love, and sometimes, has gone miles to even kill them. She was by the bar and chatting quite flirty with one of the bartenders and Klaus couldn’t help but to greeth his teeth at the scene. In a moment, he was there, his hand gripping on her wrist, that was reaching to the filled glass, a hard look directed to the bartender.

            “We are leaving, Rebekah, now.” The bartender proceeded to try and break the two apart and the hybrid just contemplated and offered a passive aggresive smile. “Go and pour yourself a drink on the other side of the club, mate.

                      Now Rebekah.”