steve : i’ve been on my own since i was 18

me : um?? what about bucky??

steve : i never really fit in anywhere - even in the army

me : peggy?? the howling commandos???

steve : we all need family. the avengers are yours, maybe more so than mine

me : wanda?? natasha?? sam???

condorslana  asked:

its important to recognize that while h/amilton and some of the other founding fathers did AMAZING things for our country and our world, they were shitty human beings who OWNED PEOPLE. people need to stop separating them. i listen to e/minem bc i like his music, but he's a shitty fucking person. people have to be able to say yes, this person was good in this aspect, but horrible in others.

bless up cuntlin y'all i love her