Watch Brandon Flowers’ Entire Show at the Roseland Theater

A user on YouTube has uploaded Brandon Flowers’ entire September 3, 2015 show at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR.

You can watch the entire show on Brian E’s YouTube channel or I have linked to the individual videos below.

  1. Come Out With Me
  2. Dreams Come True
  3. Can’t Deny My Love
  4. Crossfire
  5. Magdalena
  6. Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts
  7. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine
  8. Lonely Town
  9. Diggin’ Up The Heart
  10. Read My Mind
  11. Don’t Change (INXS Cover)
  12. I Can Change
  13. The Way It’s Always Been
  14. Human
  15. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
  16. Between Me and You
  17. Still Want You
  18. Only The Young