twelve days of twelve – day six: twelve’s hair
“My hair is a nightmare. My hair is visible from space.  It does what it wants…I just let it go, really.” - Peter Capaldi

Allow me to whine for just a second and say how much the Harry vs. Louis shit pisses me the fuck off, especially on a big day for BOTH of them. Why is it always larries? Why do they always come for us, so hard? It’s not fair to us, but it’s mostly not fair to Harry and and Louis, because after public separations and stunts galore people STILL shit on their fans, fans who stream and buy tickets and promote better than their own goddamn teams can. And part of me just goes that much harder, but part of me is really fucking tired of always being the punchline in a joke or something. Stop asking them about it, leave them alone, leave me alone. if I’m the “crazy larrie lady” that mumbles to herself on her own GD blog then fine, but just do like everyone else does and leave a wide berth around me as you scroll on by.
NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Stop trying to take the wind from our sails on this day, okay? The sky is blue, the grass is green, Louis and Harry are in love…

ANYWAY PLEASE stream Back To You, request it, Shazam it, go see Dunkirk, see it in IMAX like I am, let’s make our boys the number ones they deserve to be.