Only the chosen can enter the Zone. At first I thought he might be able to, but I was wrong. I’ll admit he’s good. He’s very close to the five of us.
But he’s no prodigy. He’s good, but he’s only the best an ordinary man can be.
No matter how close he gets, he’ll never come to this side.


↳ Whoa… They do look strong! The ones who made it to the finals earlier. The strongest high school, Rakuzan High School! And the first year that leads that team, Akashi Seijuro of the Generation of Miracles!

I am absolute. I can see the entirety of the future. 
It is but a simple matter to change it.
↳Akashi Seijuro + Ankle Break & Emperor Eye
♕The only ones who are allowed to look me in the eye as I speak are those that serve me. No one that opposes me is allowed to look down on me. Know your place.

↳Happy happy birthday to the Captain of Teiko’s Generation of Miracles, Akashi Seijuro.
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