Debating with our bodies and mind

So lately i have not been doing any type of exercise or have been eating right. I miss it, You know?

Like the difference between now and before when i was working out is incredibly a big difference. I cant even open a bottle of water without feeling weak-ish (-_-) sad i know.

All the muscle I’ve built up replacing my fat has turned back to fat. It sucks. Although i’m still in the 160’s almost 170….its all fat and that’s a no no that’s not healthy to me.

Losing weight is awesome but we also have to be careful not to let it get into our heads negatively and also positively. Yes i did say positive.

Believe it or not..that extra positiveness is awesome for insperation to keep going but also scary because your mind tricks you into thinking things you know is not right or wont benefit you just because “your a pound lighter” ya know? 

just had to share that


Well I guess I should reflect on all the things that happened this year huh?

Honestly I don’t remember much. This year has been an interesting but awesome year. This year I started high school for the 5th time. Now I didn’t like it no. I could have graduated this year like I was supposed to but I chose not to because that would have ment that I had to graduate in summer school and not walk across the stage like most people do… I didn’t want that I deserved to walk across my DAMN STAGE! (Sorry for the language) but really I have a education disabilities… No I’m not stupid or “slow” I can carry conversations I am street smart lol . God just made me a little more special is all. I’m not the only one with problems in school. Many people have IEP’s like I do or some have 504’s, it’s apart of me (Google it) and from all this things I’ve went through and meetings that basically made me feel like I’m not “smart enough” I deserve to walk across my stage and be proud of my self!! And have the feeling of “wow..I did it” so out of all this things that happened this year this will be the best thing that will happen to me. I graduate in May 2014…

The next best thing that happened is when I meet my fellow spark girls! Lol and going through my insanity workout ( which I will be starting after New Years) meeting people from different places is cool. Better yet starting a group with them and gaining followers on the ways is even cooler. We have showed other people that no matter where you live or the culture you have the struggles of weight loss happens to EVERYONE. We stuck but each other’s side and encouraged one another like every human should do. I can call all you gals my friends I really can. One because friends help each other out and two because we’ve all vented to each other lol and three because you’re all awesome :)

My baby cousin was born and now all I want to do is eat her up and be a big role model for her

I have a boyfriend now? It’s so weird lol he’s my first boyfriend. I’ve never had one or even kissed a boy. So let’s see if in 2014 ill be telling you guys if we’ve kissed haha.

Talking about bfs if you’ve never had one, or even kissed a boy, or if your still a virgin like me.. Be proud of your self because there’s not many of us. That bucket put of girls like us… Guys like that. They like being able to have someone whose fresh. Most importantly God loves it. My bf told me “I respect you for haven’t lost your virginity I really do” and I said ” it’s really not that hard when you value yourself and God.

This year I’ve also kind of let off some friends who basically wouldn’t be good in my future and I’m ok with that. The older you get the less you care about how many friends you have but as to who are good friends. Now I’ve never really cared about the number if friends I’ve had and have always known my differences between friends and “friends” but sometimes you have to really take a look

Welp lol let me get off here and say everyone who read this is awesome and if you didn’t your still awesome.

Happy New Years and may God bless you all with light for the future.. :D
Feliz año nuevo y que dios te bendiga y que te lleva con luz para el futuro .. :D

Good morning ! :)

Hey good morning everyone or good evening. This week I took everyday a day at a time. I went to the doctors. Everything’s all in check and back to “normal”. I didn’t workout this week or in general this whole month except a few little workouts but I did get back into the habit of looking at what i eat. So that’s good. I posted pictures of a pumpkin I carved! I don’t celebrate Halloween but doesn’t mean I can’t carve a pumpkin right? Lol. I carved out Mickey Mouse and it came out cute. I need to learn on keeping my self disallowed with working out. I’m becoming I guess lazy and that needs to stop. So that’s that :) hope you guys had a good week and that you all have a good day.

Good morning everyone :) remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day!! So filler up good! Lol

Today I’m treating my older brother, my mom and I to Starbucks. Wooo haven’t had Starbucks in a long time. Time to get that pumpkin spice !! :D

Have a good and blessed day ! Keeping you all in my prayers

Mineidis: Day 16 /week 3

Ok, so its week 3, back to getting back on track. Well one i just wanted to say that i’m really happy that there’s a website called sparkteens and i’m also happy that we’ve made this group and for the support here and on spark. It’s changed my life so much that i don’t think i could have ever done if it wasn’t for spark. You guys are awesome :)

It’s been a pretty calm day so far till my family comes home and i have to leave with my grandma to do some work. Did my insanity. It’s going good so far besides it being hard, but when you work hard and have that determination you can achieve your goals. I posted pictures today and it’s not that i don’t like my body don’t get me wrong i do but my legs restrict me from working my hardest when working out. It’s also hard/ annoying to shop for clothes especially since i’ve lost more weight on top -__- which is why after insanity i have to find good leg work outs. Once i lose at least 3-4 inches of my legs i’ll feel better.

<><><><><><><>meals of the day<><><><><><><><><>

1.) oatmeal

2.)whole grain bread with regular cream cheese

3.) 2 tacos (ground turkey) 4.) a taco and a piece of steak ( i didn’t want to but it was soo tempting.my grandma made some and it smelled good…. haven’t had any what so ever spanish cooked food in a long time D: agh haha) and little bit of green bean
time flew so fast...

well let me start off by saying i wrote the nicest, sweetest, post that mentioned all of you guys and how i was proud of us…but of course it got deleted were  was typing it (-________-) and i couldn’t remember anything i said..of course…ugh..

its been a long journey and i’m proud of all of you guys i really am i consider you guys my international friends…lol you guys are strong, bold, and incredibly mature girls. through are ups and downs are emotional brake downs were we just felt like cursing the world or maybe staying in bed under a cuddly blanket with some warm cookies haha… believe it or not WE’VE MADE IT!! making it doesn’t mean that we win a prize or have to have confirmation by someone…making means that we didn’t give up…we may have taken brakes but we didn’t give up…so as i say again ( like a graduation speech haha) the slim sister hood Alysa, Eunique, Ruth (happy birthday btw lol) ,Rochelle, Gianna did an awesome job and i hope you guys keep blogging because i will too when i can. i saw my changes and made progress, i’ve stayed were i was, and ive gained weight.. it normal.. right now i’m not really doing anything like ruth said im trying to relax myself and enjoying the holidays haha but i’ve seen that im gaining weight but i will definitely get that fixed when i get worked up again..if your leaving TTS i hope you well  and ill miss you <3 <3 <3 lots of love!!

Heyyyyyy :)
  • Hellllloooo guys :) how's everything going I hope good I see that Rochelle's been making progress and eating yummy food and nice picture Gi'Anna :)
  • Everything over here has been good. I don't work out but do think about it ha. There was a period were I was just eating chocolate, chocolate, chocolate ( knew I shouldn't have taken my brothers candy haha) but this week I put a stop to it. Even though what helped was that I didn't have anymore of my favorite types. But hey still good that I stopped!
  • Lately I've been feeling "normal" but bad " normal" if that makes since? Like I don't know...I don't feel healthy and I don't like it. I have lost a little more weight but I feel that even though you lose weight what you eat is such an important role to it then how you "look". So I'm glad I'm getting back on track with not "counting calories" (which I stopped like 2 weeks ago btw) not "watching every little thing I eat" but to be happy and INCLUDE healthy things in my meals. Also portioning... Portions and the amounts of portions on our plates are always important! :)
  • I pray that you are all doing well and if some of you guys are going through a tuff time. I prey that God touches your heart and heals it from anything negative. I pray that you all stay strong and positive like we all are. Amen
  • Remember we're all here for each other's support !
Nana and pops for dinner

Well my people let me tell you guys about last week. It was actually very good. I was doing an excellent job with every thing. Getting on track, doing my normal routine every morning and through the day. Well last Friday my friend invite me to sleep over her house and I did. It was all good. I was invited to go to her nana and pops house for dinner had ravioli and meat balls which I didn’t even eat all of it because I got full quick. Which is a thumbs up. I was invited to go to dinner the next day too and they were celebrating my friends birthday since her uncle and aunt were not at the dinner the weekend before this one. We’ll let me tell you lol I ate had no limits really, then had a candy… Then more candy…. I don’t like when I over eat because then I have to train my stomach again -_- but yeah I feel like I gained like 5 pounds I don’t know haven’t weighed my self and won’t lol I’m going to see if Make some juices and eat well again. Get away from felling bloated before I weigh in. But yeah that was my week I NEED TO START WORKING OUT AGAIN!!! Losing the feeling of muscle lol hope you guys are doing good

Lol I finally got a pumpkin, but i wanted to say that I think what I’ll try to do is a weekly wrap up each week of the good and the bads the things I need to work on and the things I’ve accomplished etc.



Lol it’s kinda weird putting your body out there especially when your conservative but eh do it for the team….I think I am doing a good job.

I’ve come a long way and still have many more to go. Oh and I weighed my self and I’m 169 but I don’t really have that as a set weight until it’s been like a week so hopefully it stays there. But looking at these pics it makes me get a little emotional because it’s crazy how the journey of losing weight is not as easy as people think it is. Ya know, a lot of emotions come with it. The tuff part of losing weight is when you’ve lost the weight and your trying to maintain it while changing your mind set of your new body. Also the obstacles of the world


So today was a good day walked 2 miles which is a mile more than yesterday. Which is good *thumbs up* today when I ate breakfast I only ate a little( shown above). It was weird. I felt full so I decided that I wasn’t going to force the good and saved it for later for when I did school work. It’s so cold today D: lol while I was walking my feet were numb. Then I got in the shower and It was all warm. Then I got out (-_-) lol but anyway today I felt was a good accomplished day. For a second I had a thought of not walking but i did. I did eat clean today besides the chocolate covered pineapples and banana peanut butter covered chocolate.

Priorities and good mental thinking

So Today I melted chocolate dipped in pineapples, apples, and little banana peanut butter “sandwiches”. I was going to write about how I ate a lot of chocolate that I regret and will probably pay for it later on my face, but then I read Rochelle’s and Ruth’s blogs and I realized that you guys are completely right. I’ve been eating healthy but I need to discipline myself on how much I eat each day and workout. Like Ruth said if you want to see progress you HAVE TOO DO WORK and Keep the progress going to see results. I also haven’t done any workouts since I took a break from insanity and I miss that feeling of working my butt off than taking a shower after. That feeling is awesome. Sure I do some stretches… Maybe a little yoga but it’s not the same. Alya also inspired me to get the Nike app on my phone. I walked on my treadmill for the first time since the last time I walked on it. Which I’m pretty sure was like 3 years ago. So I’m happy about that.

Alright is it just me or when someone tells you “you’ve lost weight, you look good” does it ever take control of your head and make your mind say “hey I mean I look good I can eat this” so you end up eating things your not supposed too? If all this make since