Debating with our bodies and mind

So lately i have not been doing any type of exercise or have been eating right. I miss it, You know?

Like the difference between now and before when i was working out is incredibly a big difference. I cant even open a bottle of water without feeling weak-ish (-_-) sad i know.

All the muscle I’ve built up replacing my fat has turned back to fat. It sucks. Although i’m still in the 160’s almost 170….its all fat and that’s a no no that’s not healthy to me.

Losing weight is awesome but we also have to be careful not to let it get into our heads negatively and also positively. Yes i did say positive.

Believe it or not..that extra positiveness is awesome for insperation to keep going but also scary because your mind tricks you into thinking things you know is not right or wont benefit you just because “your a pound lighter” ya know? 

just had to share that