Imagine you’re the little sister of Ward and he sees you for the first time since he left with Kara and his reaction when he finds out you’re dating Fitz

Requested by Anonymous | Gif not mine

Grant’s face lights up when he sees you sitting down between Fitz and Coulson. You’re nervous. It is wonderful to see him again, but that does not make all of this any easier.

“How you been?” He obviously relishes the sight of you. Your eyes dart from him to Leo fidgeting next to you. You force yourself to smile at your brother, heart racing. Again, you drop your gaze. You have no idea what to think of Grant and what he will do. It is a new and scaring experience.

Leo notices your discomfort. His hand shakingly reaches out to take yours. He smiles at you lovingly and gives you a comforting squeeze. You start leaning into him, but stop yourself. This is neither the place nor the moment for affections.

“Hold on”, of course Grant noticed the little exchange, “You two?” Leo flinches, but doesn’t let go of your hand. You look at Grant and give a small nod. Your heart makes a little jump when your brother smiles. “Good choice, sis.”