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It was at about this time, on August 24th, one year ago: the promotion of the 13th and 14th generation KKS as well as Minegishi Minami at Tokyo Dome; the formation of the then-new team 4.

For Miichan it was a step back into the light, and into of a new role. For her fellow research students, having “run for so long without ever touching the ball”, it meant that they at long last had a team to call their own. A turning point and a new journey for all 16 of them.

Soon to follow was the shonichi of “Te wo Tsunaginagara”. They had all the energy in the world that night, and captured my heart and many others’.

They vowed to work hard to become the strongest team…

And 6 months later, they stood center-stage at Saitama Super Arena, claiming the #1 spot in Request Hour 2014, praised for their powerful theater performances.

Strongest or not, all I can say is that getting to know the 15 girls of the first Minegishi Team 4, over 7 months and 64+ stages of memories, was an unforgettable experience.

Though their time was brief, they made it count.

So to Umemoe and Nororinzu…

to Mogishima and Triple 彩…

to the Three Musketeers and Kabutomu Chu…

and to Captain Miichan…

Thank you for those wonderful two hundred and thirty four days.

And to everyone in Team 4, past and present, and the whole 48G, for the incredible year.

Here’s to more to come!

Happy anniversary Minegishi Team 4, we won’t forget you.

Okada Nana [Google+]
2014.04.15 21:44

The strongest team is…

Minegishi Team 4!!!!!!!

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Tojima Hana-chan✖︎Nishino Miki-Chan✖︎Umeta Ayano-chan
What kind of combination w the age difference w

The next gyoza party is in February! I’ll be waiting for the members who want to take part!

@chan__31 (^ν^)Gyo! Za!

@mariko_dayo Marichan!Come!♡ lol

@chan__31 What’s next 

@Rie_Kitahara3 Theater show ostukare!Waiting for you!

@chan__31 Ye~s!

@mariyagiii310 I’ve yet to have a meal with you, but even so !!!!!It’d be good!!!!lol

@chan__31  I’ll look forward to it♪

@chan__31 Miichan made it!I want to go (for the gyoza party)♡

@yuriaaa_peace Is it ok if it’s made by my mother?lol

@chan__31 Eh!!♡Miichan mama’s gyoza!!I want to eat it