My Review on: Urban Decay Electric palette

For today’s review, I will be talking about the highly anticipated, brand new palette released by Urban Decay. Even though I personally love the Naked line from UD, a lot of people found it overdone and were dying for some colors to be brought back to the brand; well they didn’t disappoint with this amazing palette! And the great thing is, this palette is part of their permanent collection so there’s no need to run out and buy it asap! :D

This palette, from first glance, has the most amazing packaging I have seen in awhile. I don’t even plan on throwing away the box, that’s how pretty it is! The palette itself is a hard plastic casing with a magnetic closure. One thing people really like about the packaging on this one is that the mirror can stand up on it’s own (like the previous Vice palettes) so it’s easier to do your makeup when you take it travelling with you. The palette comes with a total of 10 bright, in-your-face colored eyeshadows and a double ended brush. The brush to me is great for a palette like this, the bristles are very stiff (but not to the point where they’ll hurt your eyes); the flat eyeshadow brush side is great for packing on the colors and the small smudger brush side is great for either smudging the color out or placing color in the smallest of areas (like your inner corner or lower lash line). 

For the swatches, I applied the shades over an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer to get the best color payoff possible; and it’s just one quick swipe down my hand:

Revolt is a bright metallic silver, this shade was in one of the previous Face Case palettes back from the holiday 2013 season

Gonzo is a bright sky blue. For some reason, I can’t help but think that this was named after the muppet Gonzo, which wouldn’t surprise me seeing as he is blue

Slowburn is a bright, firey orangey red. This is honestly my favorite shade in this whole palette! I know a lot of people have a problem with this eyeshadow (I don’t know why) but I’ll go into more detail about that later

Savage is a bright hot pink, another favorite of mine

Fringe is a deep teal with a slight light blue duochrome shift to it

Chaos is a bright, vivid cobalt blue. This shade was actually in the very first Vice palette. I personally loved that shade when I would use it from the Vice palette but found it hard to use. I feel like they changed the formula for it in this palette because it doesn’t apply as patchy, has less fall out, and is easier to blend :D

Jilted is a beautiful magenta shade that has a lovely blue-ish duochrome, this is another favorite of mine in this palette

Urban is another beautiful, deep blue toned purple that also has a slight duochrome shift to it

Freak is a bright, almost neon lime green with a slight yellow duochrome shift. I was really excited when I heard that they were coming out with this eyeshadow; the Freak 24/7 liner pencil is one of my favorites and I never thought that it would be turned into an eyeshadow

Thrash is a bright neon chartreuse. This is also another favorite shade of mine and it makes me think of margaritas 

Now before I get into my final thoughts on this palette, I’m going to address the top 4 complaints that people are having about this palette….mainly because I really hate the fact that people are so quick to throw harsh complaints on a product they have only used once or twice.

First common complaint is that the palette is too blue toned. It personally doesn’t bother me that the palette is this way, the shades are all so beautiful and I feel they all work well blended with each other. The shades, even though they are blue in tone, all have a special uniqueness to them. I can maybe understand the complaint if the eyeshadows that were blue toned were all similar to each other or sucked terribly, but they’re all great and I don’t get why it’s a problem

Second common complaint is that there is no yellow or orange in the palette. People have been complaining a lot that shade Slowburn will be hard to pair with anything in the palette because it’ll either look to contrasting or holiday styled. I don’t agree at all. One of my favorite youtubers (Nijigasumi16) brought up a really great point in her video by saying that if you pay close attention to the actual design on the palette itself, they give you a hint on what colors to combine with Slowburn, for example:

And like she also brought up, a bright yellow or orange can be found in almost every bright colored palette out there so it’s nice that Urban Decay wanted to try something different. It’ll help you to start getting creative with your eyeshadow combinations and to get out of your comfort zone. Even though I love every single eyeshadow in this palette, if I did have to take out just one of the shades to replace it, I would take out Revolt (the silver) and replace it with a deep matte black. I still love that silver shade, don’t get me wrong, but I have their other silver shade from the Vice 2 palette and I think a black would complete this palette better than a yellow or orange.

Third common complaint is the fact that the shades Urban, Jilted, Savage and Slowburn are warned to not be used around the immediate eye area. If you look closely on both the box and palette themselves, you’ll see the warning printed on there. Now here’s the thing, those shades are APPROVED everywhere else like Europe and Canada but not in the US. Palettes like the Sleek Acid palette (also full of neon shades) are not approved here in the US but can be worn elsewhere. For the mere fact that the FDA here is so freaking strict, Urban Decay decided to call this a “pressed pigment” palette. Because “pressed pigment” is such a loose term (meaning they can be used as anything but eyeshadow) UD is allowed to sell this product here in the US, otherwise you would have to spend your time trying to find it on Ebay and have it shipped from overseas! And if you look really closely at the neon pigments that Sugarpill is selling, those are ALSO not approved by the FDA but approved everywhere else (jump on the fucking bandwagon america!)  I don’t personally know why neon eyeshadows are banned here, but I can tell you this, I personally have very sensitive eyes and have never had any problems using those shades around my eyes! Since I’ve received the palette, I have done 3 looks using nothing but the “banned” shades and they have caused absolutely no problems with me! I have suffered no irritation or swelling or none of that B.S so I really don’t think this palette will hurt anyone else ( I will say though that if you have INTENSELY sensitive eyes that ANY eyeshadows or cosmetics irritates them, then this palette will be no different for you). 

Fourth and final complaint is that some of the shades will stain your eyes (like Slowburn, Savage, and Chaos). I personally feel that as long as you wear an eyeshadow primer or base, the shades won’t stain your eyes at all. And even if you didn’t, the eyeshadows will only stain your eyes just a tiny bit and it’s nothing that makeup remover won’t take off! Some of the Sugarpill eyeshadows stain my eyes and it doesn’t bother me. When you’re dealing with bright, highly pigmented eyeshadows, you’re gonna have to expect them to leave a slight stain. If that’s something that’s gonna bother you that much, then you should stay away from bright colored eyeshadows in general, I don’t mean to sound harsh but it’s true.

 Now for my final thoughts, I fucking LOOOVE this palette! I can not tell you how happy I am that Urban Decay came out with a palette like this and that it’s also going to be part of their permanent collection! The shades have amazing color payoff and blend like a dream! If you are someone who loves bright, vivid neon eyeshadows, you should seriously give this palette a try!

Me wearing the shades Slowburn, Savage and Jilted:

Me wearing the shades Slowburn, Freak and Thrash:

Me wearing the shades Urban and Jilted:

Really hope this review was helpful :)