New Years Day, Follow Forever

every year feels the same and it’s not until we reflect back, we realize how much we have changed and grown. sometimes there are single moments, days or years that stand out for us. this year has been one of those for me…i am nothing like i was on january 1st 2015, and it’s good to acknowledge these changes. this community, tumblr, has ~somewhat shaped me over the last few years (questioning morals/sexuality) and general state-of-mind. it’s been a tough year for everyone i think, but it’s made everyone stronger. have a great year! hopefully we’ll get an alien….

this is the second time i’ve had to completely redo this because tumblr crashed ahhhh. i know i’ve missed people, sorry :(


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hey everyone! we’re at the end of 2015 and i’m not sure if i’ve done a follow forever since last year, so this is definitely overdue. i know my blog has changed a lot in the last few months so i’d like to say that i am very grateful for all who have stuck with me anyway. it means a lot. :) to all i follow, and all who follow me: happy holidays! may 2016 bring you lots of laughter, love, canon ships and concert tickets. hoping i didn’t forget anybody here, but just know that everyone on my dash is on my dash for a reason. nobody below is bolded bc you’re all extra special!! 

a-c: @aetherghouls  ❄ @alliesob  ❄ @andreaharrisn  ❄ @beardedgrimes  ❄ @beth-kinney  ❄ @bethrhee  ❄ @c-peletier  ❄ @carol-on​  ❄ @carolmcbridedaily​  ❄ @carolpelletier​  ❄ @carolpelxtier​  ❄ @carolrhees​  ❄ @carolsingers​  ❄ @carolsmcbride​  ❄ @carylbabes​  ❄ @caryled​  ❄ @cmanawa

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Não liguem para o banner lixoso, o que importa é o amor infinito que eu sinto por todos vocês. Eu decidir fazer um follow forever, pq eu nunca faço um follow friday, então para vocês ficarem sabendo os meus tumblr preferidos, estão aqui. *posso acrescentar mais alguns depois*.

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Hello, all you beautiful people!

I’ve recently passed the 500 follower mark and wanted to do a little something to celebrate, so I’ve decided to put together a quick little follow-forever to spread around some lovin’. And when better a time to post it than the eve of the premiere? :) So, without further ado, here is just a small sampling of the many blogs that make my dashboard something to look forward to: 

★ a-d: bethgreening, carylbabes, carolantern, cherokee-reedus, c-peletier, daryl-dixoon, darylgrimes, detective-pookie-dixon 

★ f-p: fluffyreedus, fuckyeahmelissamcbride, f-yeah-caryl, garethgrimes, iheartnorman, knowshowthesafetyworks, lavalse-desvieuxos, nicoteros, ninelivesremember, normgasmic, oohshiny, peletierdixon

★ q-x: queen-carol, queen-peletier, queenpeletier, quodl, reeduslincolnlover, rickolantern, rickreedus, rookerreedus, sooner-or-later-we-run, the-walking-dead-art, trickorchambler, upper-ecchelon, womenoftwd, xcherokeeroses

Whew! I sincerely hope I did not miss anyone or fudge any URLs. Whipped this up kinda fast. 

Thanks so much for following me, everyone! It means a lot that you guys put up with my incessant, obsessive, obnoxious screeching in the tags of everything I reblog. Y'all really make this blog worth running. <3  


✽ Hello everyone! ✽ 

I hadn’t originally planned on making one of these, but here I am. I just want everyone I follow to know that I love you all so much, and you all make my dashboard a wonderful place! Below are just a few of my many favourites. :) Hope I don’t forget anyone!  

My Baes: Katie | Lizzie | Natalia | Grace

These beautiful ladies especially make Tumblr worthwhile. I am so proud to know them, and honored to be their friends. I love them with all my heart. :) 

✽ a-d: bethgreening, carol-on, carolpelletier, carolsingerscarylbabes, caryled, cherokeereedus, christmascaryling, commander-carol, danaaigurira, darylls, daryldixonns, daryl-dixoon, darylgrimes, denoryl, dixonings, dixonscarol, dixonpeletiers 

✽ e-i: empressmcbride, fuckyeahmelissamcbride, f-yeah-caryl, garethgrimes, hershelclaus, iheartnorman 

✽ j-o: jariimaepaa, jinglemels, knowshowthesafetyworks, leigh57, merrymichonnes, normgasmic, oohshiny 

✽ p-t: queen-carol, queencaroling, queen-mcbride, queen-peletier, quodl, r-grimes, ricky-grimes, rositaserratos, rottenclickers, snowycarolssvenjamarlene,  tchamblers, the-bitchqueen, thequeenandthearcher

✽ w-z: womenoftwd, wow-david, upper-ecchelon, youwereneveraslicebitch, yuletaraing, xcherokeeroses 

Lots of love and gratitude to my top 5 fans of the month, as according to my Tumblr activity: lynnth2014, twokawaiifouru, yuletaraing and redpandameg. Thanks so much! 

Have a wonderful winter season,