Gendry would have been a Baratheon favourite

I’m lying awake on my bed. Can’t sleep. I’m having crazy Baratheon feels. I’m thinking about the gifset I made yesterday. Gendry would have been a Baratheon favourite.

Renly would probably have made it his mission in life to make sure that Gendry would wear the finest clothes. He would pick out the fabrics himself and match it to Gendry’s eyes. He would teach Gendry all the courtesies and the do’s and don'ts of how noble men act in public.

Stannis would envy Robert so much for having Gendry as a son secretly wishing that he was his instead. He would teach Gendry all the basics of sword fighting and constantly remind him not to go around the seven kingdoms fathering bastards. He’ll make sure Gendry becomes a good knight.

Robert would be so proud of Gendry and constantly talk about him to anyone who would listen. He would compliment him on his strength, his skills with a hammer and his taste in women or woman for that matter. He would tell Gendry stories of Lyanna and how he had always wanted to marry a Stark woman.

Gendry would get annoyed with all these attention but he would keep his mouth close. He would try his very best to please each Baratheon brother in his own way. At the end of the day, he would go to Arya and whine and complain on how his uncle Renly spends so much money buying him clothes when they could have just used the money to feed hundreds of hungry mouths. He would complain on how Stannis insists on sparring and training every single day until he was black and blue all over with bruises. He would complain on how Robert talks about his rebellion days and all the women he has bedded.

Arya would laugh and mock him on how the three brothers are spoiling him and she would make love to him to distract him from all his worries.

Btw this is a prompt. Someone write this please.

sometimes i feel like HBO is trying to sell Arya’s brave and reckless side and not give much importance on her vulnerable side. they showed that once again by they taking out the Harwin’s scene. that scene was one of those parts in the book where Arya cried and pleaded to Harwin to look at her and remember her. For that brief moment she was a little girl again wanting to go home. There is more to her than what you can see in the surface. she is more than just a tomboy with a sword. it makes me sad that a lot of people do not see this. 

I like Arya not because she is a perfect character because let’s face it she isn’t. She is very flawed, very human, like the rest of us. A lot of people will probably be surprised, but the thing that i love most about Arya are her flaws and her vulnerability. I relate to her best, out of all of the other characters in aSoIaF because of this. I understand her strengths, her weaknesses and her moments of darkness.