Heart Like Mine - or, Bitty finds himself in a McDonald’s on a lonely, Wednesday evening

[Part of the Blue-Eyed Jack ‘verse - Takes place in Nashville, long before Jack and Bitty meet…]

CW: mentions of homophobia, running away, vague mentions of homelessness, a very very lonely boy reconsiders his life choices, hopeful ending i promise

AN: So I was listening to Emily’s FANTASTIC playlist she made for Bitty in this universe and actually started crying at work thinking about Bitty when Heart Like Mine came on, so I had to write this little piece. 

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First Imagine

Something More?

Drunk Depression

Dylan Smut (NSFW)

Modern Columbine

Dylan Fluff

Dylan Dating a Black Girl

“Friendly” Get-Together (NSFW)

Smutty Notebooks (NSFW)

Dylan Smut 2 (NSFW)

Rough Sex w/ Dylan (NSFW)

Finding Dylan’s Hard-on

Dylan Fluff Part 2

Dylan Taking Up For You

Dylan Camping Sex (NSFW)

Teasing Dylan in Class (NSFW)

Modern Columbine Part 2

Last B-day Sex w/ Dylan (NSFW)

Prom with Dylan

Modern Columbine Part 3

Dylan Liking a Mixed Girl

The Dream Awoken (NSFW)


She’s Mine

Eric Smut (NSFW)

Eric’s Racist Rant

Eric Dating a Black Girl (NSFW)

Grinding on Eric (NSFW)

Giving Eric Head (NSFW)

Eric Losing his virginity to a WOC (NSFW)

Dom Eric (Daddy Kink)

Finding Eric’s Journal (Semi-NSFW)

Catching Eric Masturbating (Semi-NSFW)

Dating Eric then Brooks gets a crush on you

Eric asking you out

Eric teasing a Hispanic girl


Zombieland // Bad Reputation [X]