Types Of Aunties

The Bougie-  She always let’s you know what name brand she’s wearing. Post all her new purchases on facebook. Drives a Mercedes and owns a Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier. Always has an expensive gift ready for you

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The God Fearing Christian- She makes every conversation about the Lord. When you sleep over you wake up the next morning with blessing oil on your forehead. Makes the prayer cloths for the women in the congregation. She can throw down in the kitchen. Is the one in church that passes out because she caught the Holy Ghost. Is always telling you to get right with Jesus

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The Homophobic- She says that she doesn’t care about people being gay as long as they don’t put it in other people’s faces. She hasn’t had a man in over ten years and her cats keep running away

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The Sexually Silent Christian- Like ‘The God Fearing Christian’, she too has strong faith. The only difference is she has slept with the the deacon and the pastor from the sister church, as well as Sister Black’s husband. She thinks that nobody knows what’s she’s up to but, all the old folks call her a ‘Jezebel’ when she isn’t around

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The Rump Shaker- She is hip to all the new dances. She is the one to turn up the Memorial Day BBQ. Out twerks you and all of your cousins

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The Cool Cat- She is is just hella chill. She fixes you a plate when you come over and genuinely cares about what’s going on with you. She listens to Beyoncé on her way to work in the morning. Her favorite places to shop are TJ MAXX and Marshalls

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