“You can write. That’s what you have over every other broken hearted shmuck out there. You can write about it.”

Ruby Sparks (2012) dir. Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

Indianapolis Concert Report

you’ve seen those super organized and well thought out concert reports, right?

this isn’t going to be one of them and for that i apologize but i died about 37 times last night, so forgive me.

first off, we weren’t planning on attending this concert.  i decided to go so we went and we only had something like 20 minutes warning before we got in the car.  when we finally got tickets arranged we were so mad because we assumed they would be crappy seats and we looked horrible with no makeup and manic after the time in the car and the last minute decision to drive 4 hours for the concert and had no signs and only minimal rainbows AND OF COURSE WE ENDED UP IN THE FRONT ROW.  we almost died.  i almost hyperventilated and got sick and i did cry at one point during the concert.  but that’s for later.

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