1. Hello
2. Everyone shhh
3. Ni hao
4. Hello to Japanese fans too
5. I ate taco for dinner
6. Everyone, we have 150mins so let’s do it slowly
7. Everyone, just this once.. Let’s all be quiet
8. Whenever I do “Baby don’t cry”, I get cold
9. If I have time I will go to everyone’s hearts? If you’re 7yrs younger.. I’ll…umm… be punished
10. Braces is uncomfortable.. You all should try it too haha
11. All movie are fun
12. His room still dirty…Suho..
13. Should i update my instagram today?
14. I think Call Me Baby is good
15. Suho-hyung is my roommate
16. I like chocolate cake
17. I can’t eat spicy food
18. After the chat event, I’m gonna eat salad
19. When I become 30yrs old, I become an adult right
20. I think I will be taking off my clothes for a photoshoot
21. My feet size is 270
22. I pick my airport fashion myself
23. Is that second twenty? (Drama or movie title) I’m gonna watch that
24. I picked the pink snapback (the cherry ones) by myself
25. Yes, I’m currently reading (the chats)
26. That’s why I haven’t been replying
27. Everyone my eyes hurt… my hands hurt and my head also hurts… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
28. I’m going crazy because (at/for??) everyone
29. I watch either dramas or movies
30. I just study chinese… Just continue studying chinese
31. If I grow till 2 meters I want to be basketball player
32. I like sons and daughters I’ll think about that next time
33. My height is 183
34. here’s no member whom I’m awkward with
35. I really love you too. But I can express it in another way than saying it. So its frustating
36. We will do an encore concert if you guys want
37. Ahh I also do bbiyak (a/n: like how a chick opens its beak)
38. Song that I enjoy listen to it nowadays is “Fall” by Justin Bieber
39. Shhhhh
40. Shhhhhh
42. Shhhhh
43. Don’t shhhh too
44. If I unbutton three of mines… everyone will have nosebleed
45. I want to drink bubble tea but I can’t because of the braces
46. All of EXO members are handsome and cool
47. I pray before I sleep
48. What I wear when I go to sleep?? This is 19…
49. My favorite hair color? Everyone’s favorite hair color
50. Everyone should i tell you a secret
51. Actually I
52. I love EXO-L

53. If I write that kind of ment you will hate it right?
54. You guys don’t like that kind of blunt ment right?
55. If so then I will say it properly
56. Aishiteru (i love you)
57. Arigatou gozaimasu
58. Aigoo, you cuties
59. I’m currently raising a dog
60. He’s a male dog
61. He’s very very handsome
62. (the dog’s breed) is a Bichon
63. Vivi (his puppy’s name), in english it means alive
64. So makes it your dog names
65. Vivi is mine
66. My puppy is cuter
67. I miss you
68. Really
69. I am happy right now
70. I said I was cute
71. You guys aren’t cute
72. No, I’m cute
73. All of you are not cute
74. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
75. *fans name* I didn’t call you, sorry i love you
76. Ah so I’m a ppiyak (baby chicken’s sounds, used for someone who talks alot cutely)
77. 토란토란 (the sound)
78. You can’t tell oppa to do anything
79. The one can told me to do anything is just mothers (old women)
80. Even its noona you will be punished
81. Ehem
82. I like all vacation places
83. All of it
84. Doyeon-ah
85. I call you too
86. Ni Hao
87. Woxiangnimen
88. Zhende
89. Wo Xianzai Hen gaoxing
90. Xiexie
91. I am always too sensitive
92. There’s no one that annoys me
93. How to maintain my skin? I go to dermatologist
94. It’s a shame today right everyone? That’s right, I’ll miss you

95. But if we chat about 10hrs would it be fun? The chat window just gonna be quiet and quieter
96. Thats why we should separated by now
97. Everyone, good job. Now get a hand massage cos you’ve typed a lot  
98. Don’t crack your fingers
99. All words that everyone give to me, Its give me strength
100. If there’s an opportunity to meet you guys will buy a delicious meal
101. My treat
102. It’s been a long time since we talk and it’s so fun… I think you guys have fun too
everyone should I just end it here
103. They tell me its time to stop
104. The company staffs
105. But i dont want to
106. Ah what to do
107. What should I do everybody?
108. When tomorrow comes, then you’ll maybe forgot having chat with me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
109. Ah you wont… I won’t forget it either
110. Love you
Love you
Love you
Love You
Thank you
Thank you
111. Bye~~~~
112. All of you leave
113. I won’t leave
114. All of you can leave
115. I will watch you leaving
116. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
117. Bye for real~

translation cr. to sehunownsme, meunjongin, exokiss88