All these years being a fan of HP I always related a lot to Hermione, but these past few months I began to relate even more. She was called a “know-it-all”, and Harry and Ron went to her aid, saying she knew the answer so she should say it. It’s horrible being called a know-it-all. One of my friends calls me that, in a bad way, cause I really like knowing things and sharing them with everyone. At least Hermione’s friends got her back, while mine make me feel annoying.

hey my sons and Daughters ! this took a while to convert into a small 540x300 ( not sure Tbh …, ) image but I did it. I would like a high Five thank you very Much ! anyway ,.., this psd is probably filled with things ,.., You’re going to have to make sure you don’t mess something up because then you’re Fucked ?? ( sad Face ) everything’s is in groups and I advise you to leave it like that because then !! you’re organized ,.., without being organized, you’ve got many things that are called ‘layer’ and you’re unaware of what to Use … Anyway ,, you’ve got to have two pngs?? maybe one?? Idrk, depends what you like … I like two pngs because I just do Homie ! like && reblog when you see this because I want others to see this and love this like I do?? yes I Do. Credit me if you Use this in a theme makeover and some of these are mine // the icons are loganofrph​ ‘s and the side box thingy && the stars is bruhofrps //  the label is mine && the pngs from deviantart  the label was mine and the rest ( Expect for png ofc ,.., ) is mine !! (download) enjoy!

Alright kids. Study tips from someone who’s 25 and has done a lot:

  1. Go to the library to study and turn off the internet.
    If your notes are online, print them. If you’re cheap, go to a place where everyone can see your laptop screen. If you dick around on facebook or tumblr or whatever, you will be relatively self conscious. You’ll look like a total jackass. If your notes are online, take screenshots of that shit then turn the internet off.
  2. Taking notes from a book? Rad.
    Read it once, don’t take notes. Read it again, highlight and take notes. BTW one of my degrees is in bio anthro, and my freshman year I highlighted the word “macaque” every time it came up.
  3. Gonna drink? Plan accordingly: the earliest class should be 10. Most of mine were 11.
  4. Don’t be an asshole and sit in the frount during lectures. Save that shit for discussion.
  5. I minored in bio psych because I’m bipolar, so for all those classes, when they say “do this experiment/interview an old person” fuck that. Make it up.
  6. I have two degrees and am working on a doctorate for one of them. I want to be a professor by age 28. Trust me dick nips.
    You will get in the good graces of your prof and they will be good references for job applications
  8. “Attendance not mandatory”
    Do it anyway. Lame sycophantic student, I know. Just sit in the back and chill. Same reason.

Alright. I hope that answered all your questions.