Where is Wasabi?” There in the second photo! Hahah! Sorry, Wasabi! We couldn’t resist!

These friends of mine are my headcanons for their respective characters so it was really cool to finally see them all dressed up! The whole shoot felt really natural because it was like we were just hanging out as usual, except while looking a little different, hahah! I hope you will stick around for more pictures!

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Hiro • Jin (me) / Tadashi • Miguel
Go Go • Kat / Honey Lemon • Jess / Fred • Bok
photos by Reskiy

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Our friend who is Wasabi to us was actually in school that day, apparently to be told that he would be graduating with honors as valedictorian! Whoo!

  • i'll make the most of all the sadness:leo, libra, sagittarius
  • you'll be a bitch because you can:taurus, virgo, scorpio
  • you try to hit me just to hurt me:aries, capricorn, aquarius
  • so you leave me feeling dirty because you can't understand:gemini, cancer, pisces