video game challenge: [1/5] heartwarming scenesa romanced morrigan talking about her warden

an anders fanmix; crown of thorns [listen]

i. medicine - daughter / ii. hurt - johnny cash / iii. king - lauren aquilina  / iv. flesh and bone - keaton henson / v. i’ll be good - jaymes young / vi. near light - olafur arnalds / vii. elastic heart (conor maynard cover) - sia / viii. isolated system - muse 


i know i want a world where people trust the chantry, and their trust is respected


“Whatever happens, you w i l l come back.” - “Is that an order, Commander?” - “No. But as one of your advisors, I’d strongly r e c o m m e n d it.”
- merry christmas @spacegrounder and @bloodyhawke