Things that are not nice: art block. Things that are nice: Going back and watching old Let’s Plays. 

Put the two together and they neutralise to give Ender Dragon fighting. Inspired by both a suggestion from knozz and The End Part 3.


“It’s like we got to Mordor at the end and we don’t know how to drop the ring in. Like we can’t figure it out.”

“That’s exactly what it’s like.”

“We’re so fucking stupid.”

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 163 - Ender DrAgain


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Minecraft in 6 seconds

I found out that the proportions of an Enderman are nowhere close to a mans. Yep, I actually measured it. And yes, I’m a complete dork…and then I made a poster of it and told everybody. Let me know if you like it.

by Ron Jensen


Ok, so I’d like to make a shoutout with this gif to these beauties, which are a part of the Yogscast Complete Pack - known as the Dragon Mount Mod. And if I don’t see just one of them in any of the Yogscasts series on YCP, I’m gonna be….. well……


Dragon eggs are apparently craftable in the YCP.


The dragon Mount mod, is not in YCP. D:

Nothing built can last forever. And every legend, no matter how great, fades with time.

With each passing year, more and more details are lost until all that remains are myths…half truths.

To put it simply: lies.

And yet, in all the known universe, between here and the far lands… the legend of the Order of the Stone endures unabridged as self-evident fact.

Indeed, it is a troubled land that has need for heroes. And ours was fortunate to have, so long ago four heroes such as these.

Petra the warrior- Whose sword all combatants would tremble.

Olivia the redstone engineer- Whose machines sparked an era of invention.

Axel the rogue- who channeled his destructive creativity for benefit of all.

And Lukas the architect- Builder of world’s and leader of the stone.

These four friends together, would give so much to gain their rightful place as four heroes.

Their greatest quest would take in a dangerous journey to fight a mysterious creature known as the Ender Dragon.

In the end, the order of the stone emerged victorious and the dragon was defeated. Their story complete they slipped away into pages of legend.

But when one story ends, another one begins.

And @a-euphoric-apocalypse and mine story begins. Shall we begin our little adventure.

Start of reversed order au: episode 1