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me: can i still be part of my culture even though i’m only half asian?? can i be funny and cool if i’m asian? can i be asian if i’m not mono-lidded? am i still part of the community if i’m only half?? can i?? how can i?? am i?? should i??

kim richards: [exists]

me, assured: oh! okay

I’m kind of drawing my favorite Minecraft YouTubers(Bodil40 hhehehe) to try to get back in the swing of NOT being lazy and DRAWING. They provide lots of inspiration. :D

So this drawing is based off the beginning of this video. Bodil40 called Deadlox (Ty) his “apprentice” and helped him troll with TNT. I just remembered the video today, drew a doodle on paper, then just redrew and refined it on my computer. Though it’s still rushed :P

[Also thanks to Ahrix for amazing music that kept my motivation going while drawing this :D]