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Mavin minecraft au


Sparks by NoNameWriter

Summary: All his life, there’d only ever been one main rule: don’t speak to the Humans. Don’t let them see under the green hoods or hear anything beyond the gentle hissing of their kind. Despite never being that great of a Spark, despite his people casting him long glances and silent disapproval, despite being alone in this world after Dan was taken from him, Gavin never meant to break that rule.

And then two Humans, one in a bear pelt and one in black armor with roses over his breast, heard what was supposed to have been his dying wish. Only, they didn’t just let him die.

And now, he had to live with this.  [PG]

WC: 39,810 - WIP

[Tags: AU (Minecraft), Hurt/ComfortSeries]

Feverish Afternoon by inthelittlegenny

Summary: Gavin’s been suffering from a fever; and Michael comes to help. - Mavin Minecraft AU Drabble.  [R]

WC: 314

T: Illness/Trauma

[Tags: AU (Minecraft), Fluff]

Don’t Look Back by charmolypi

Summary: Gavin doesn’t think things through, sometimes. Sometimes he does. And sometimes it’s somewhere in between, like when he decides to finally run away from Achievement City. He’s prepared as far as food and water goes

…in the sense of fighting creatures, not so much.

He’s lucky someone seems to take pity on him.

(written for mavinweek)  [PG]

WC: 8,468 - Complete

[Tags: AU (KingMinecraft), FantasySeries]

Tribe by Heartsprout

Summary: Michael settled in well to the new life he built to be with Gavin

The new language comes easy to him and he has found where he fits into the dynamic of the Hunters

Only someone he thought to be long dead returned in a very-much-alive state

Someone who could throw off the balance of his new and still blossoming relationship

They both need him and he needs them both; so how does he choose?  [PG]

WC: 7,507 - Complete

[Tags: AngstAU (Minecraft), Established RelationshipSeries]

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WIP ice castle thing

I’m thinking of making this my main base. Done using a mix of creative/survival, but from here on out it’ll be pure survival. I just didn’t have the patience to mine all the ice/lanterns.