minecraft wip

Introducing Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria; A Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction

Where There is Unity, There is Victory.

Being totally stumped with Hibernation, I decided to try my hand at another chaptered fic, This time with much bigger plans and much bigger ambitions. The story takes place in a Fallout au for Mcsm, The baseline story from Fallout 4 as its main foundation for character placement and story. 

keep in mind that It’s highly experimental, and probably not going to be perfect as I’m still a young writer and I’m still learning a lot. but that doesn’t mean I can’ try my damnedest to write a cool, edgy story for two franchises that I love. 


Jesse’s yearning for adventure is answered, but at what cost?

Although freed from the shackles of a marriage she didn’t want, Jesse finds herself with nothing but a weapon and her wits as she emerges into a world looking nothing like her own. With Gil murdered in cold blood, Her adopted son kidnapped, and every monster in the commonwealth at her heels, she embarks on a journey to unite her broken world, and more importantly, find her son.

And she’s going to need a lot of help to do it.

Characters: The entirety of the MCSM cast (Hopefully)

Ships: Jetra and possibly Ivarper in the future

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