minecraft wheat


a bit of touching up to the stone bricks for balance, added a vertical highlight and a few other changes

also finished up the 8 whole textures for the wheat wow what a boring day I hate painting wheat

they came out looking a bit messy all together in a group, I might get rid of one stalk from each texture or something later. but I’m pretty pleased with how the golden wheat looks all matured in a field and that’s the important part soooo on to the next stuff!

Imagine Cecil and Carlos playing Minecraft.

Carlos would probably be;

  • building extremely complicated redstone devices and making them do any number of highly scientific things,
  • building a 1 to 1 scale version of his lab, most likely complete with a team of scientists. he’s very resourceful. (he could probably re-program the game to make some of the villagers scientists.)

but Cecil would;

  • tame every cat he could find and try to make them glitch into walls or something so they would be floating
  • panic when he sees the villagers growing wheat (and having wheat  by-products)
  • destroy any village he comes across in the desert if it doesn’t match his standard, claiming that Desert Bluffs shouldn’t even try to exist in a game like this.
  • pick flowers and leave them all around Carlos’ Lab.
  • decorate Carlos’ lab.
  • build a condo. (a large black cube)
  • refuse to sleep in a bed to skip to dawn, because he’s too busy staring at the sky and screaming.
  • search for the TV’s and beds in the cells in an abandoned mine shaft.
  • placing doors in the middle of the desert, trying to get to the other desert world.
  • somehow befriend the hostile mobs in the game except maybe the blazes. they’re orange/yellow. they probably remind him of Strex.

and Carlos would just be sitting there thinking,

“he’s so adorable when he’s like this.”