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Ah, Minecraft. The game where punching trees is a logical introduction to horticulture. Where green dynamite beasts cower in fear of house cats. Where you can dig through to the center of the earth and fall into oblivion. And where you can bake cakes. Yes cakes, that wonderful confection that you craft from milk, eggs, wheat, and sugar, stare at in longing for a few seconds, then place on your shelf to never eat because it’s just too cute.

Or not, that might just be me. Placing it makes it useless, so my cow hunting has been all for naught but a centerpiece in my block kitchen. Or as much of a kitchen as you can call it, it’s a corner of my cave on a pedestal flanked by a crafting table and cauldron. That’s all you need, right?

In real life, maybe not. Here, eating an entire cake unfortunately doesn’t put you back to peak health. A little bit counter-productive actually, now that I think about it. I probably didn’t do myself any favors by having a second piece, and I really know I didn’t restore health. But throw real life to the wind, you’re on Minecraft hunting after buried pyramids! You need all the help you can get when those zombies decide to hide in the dark! And there, cake is your friend.

The recipe is under the cut. (also, fondant is yucky so I use buttercream -don’t freak out of yours doesn’t look perfect)

-MJ & K

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I made a Minecraft cake ^__^ Hope you like it <3

Minecraft Chocolate Chip Cookie IRL

There are a lot of minecraft “irl” foods out there but surprisingly no cookies. I had to do something about this monstrosity. I went straight to work planning out the idea. The recipe is really simple and can be done in almost no time at all. Perfect for when you and your buddies decide to do a Minecraft all-nighter and need some chow.

These cookies look amazing and taste just as good. It isn’t that complicated to make so please don’t just look at the pictures. If you read this part of the article please say “Cookies, yum yum” in the comments.

Ordinarily this ridiculous book would be way too heavy to carry around in any practical way. You guess maybe this is one respect in which the cards present some convenience.

That is always the ridiculous thing about inventory slots. Somebody did the math once and figured out that if you filled up your inventory with gold blocks in Minecraft, then you would be carrying the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

Multiplied by 200. 

And arguably gold blocks aren’t even the heaviest thing in Minecraft, since one recipe uses EIGHT of them, so let your imagination run wild with that idea.