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Guys! Go watch what my friend did in Youtube! She’s an amazing editor. This is the murder session betweenme and @cherrub1412 @marini4 @o0jaywolf0o and a friend named Yura. If you guys can recognize my voice, i mentioned “Siren” in the vid so. heh.

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Thoughts On... Aaron's Soul

Next Episode: Aphmau turns into Laurence, crashes a heckin’ wedding, and then threatens to murder practically everyone attending it.

#Happy #Birthday to episode 6 of #MCSM “A Portal to #Mastery”!!
This was my favorite quote,
“I say we throw him outside and let nature take its course.”- #CassieRose 😂
Either that or
“There was a closet in the main hall! With a lovely metal door! Seems like the perfect place to lock someone up!” -#Stampy 🤣
If you even seen episode 6 and are wondering what the heck is happening in the drawing, Cassie Rose, AKA the white pumpkin, just framed #Lukas for being the white pumpkin and it suggesting they forced him outside to be killed by #zombies just in case. And then all the YouTubers deaths are in the background :P (except Stampy and Stacy don’t die soooo…. XD)
I didn’t add Sparklez’s death because I wasn’t sure how to draw someone suffocating… xD

I love how Lukas came out too!
HE’S SO CUUUTE >//////< <3

(BTW Sorry if you can’t read the quotes very well xD)

#Art by me
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I Could Kiss You Right Now (Ryan Haywood/Reader)

Prompt:  A group of people (RT or AH) are playing a game and person A is falling behind, so person(s) B go back and help person A win or catch up?

WC:  1,228

Warning(s):  Cursing, mentions of sex

Summary:  Goddamn Gavin just had to have the Tower of Pimps.

Author’s Note:  I was suddenly incredibly creatively motivated to write for Ryan after seeing his pictures for the AH store… yum… Also, I got the prompt from the wonderful fuckyeahrtfanfic here on tumblr. I’ll be picking and choosing prompts that they haven’t filled or other people haven’t filled for a while until I get on my feet with my own stuff.

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Minecraft AU? Minecraft AU.

Felix uses nothing but precious stones (Emeralds, Diamond, Lapis, etc) to build his houses. They look really fucking garish but also really expensive and it’s clear that someone put a lot of hard work into it. They’re also goddamn HUGE. Though they’re style over substance, as he’s frequently low on supplies and pilfering them from the others.

Locus prefers function over fashion, usually a 5x5x3 obsidian box. He doesn’t keep a lot of stores of supplies, preferring to mine them (…sometimes from Felix’s house) when he needs them. He does keep a full set of enchanted diamond armor and an enchanted diamond sword at the ready, though.

Wash is “The Supply Guy” - if you need it, he has an entire chest of it. His house looks small and simple, plain wood with a few windows, but there’s a hidden piston that removes a block in the corner of his floor, and this leads down a tunnel (with more piston-moving blocks) that opens into his warehouse Dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of chests full of supplies, each neatly labeled.

The three of them spend more time antagonizing and sabotaging each other than worrying about monsters, though.