minecraft murder

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Guys! Go watch what my friend did in Youtube! She’s an amazing editor. This is the murder session betweenme and @cherrub1412 @marini4 @o0jaywolf0o and a friend named Yura. If you guys can recognize my voice, i mentioned “Siren” in the vid so. heh.

This video is NOT mine

hello pls throw me into the deep pits of the abyss

its supposed to be katie dressed as laps from the HtD ep in case i screwed that up too badly

It's Finally Happening.

I’ve been shipping Zane~Chan for a while now. Over a year, to be exact. And yes, I have been counting because I’m a fucking psychopath. Now, if you’ve seen the latest Starlight episode, titled “I Like You… | MyStreet: Starlight [Ep.15] | Minecraft Roleplay”, you’d know that Kawaii~Chan confessed her love to Zane. She also stated she ships him with herself. And everyone knows what happens if Kawaii~Chan’s ship doesn’t happen. In this case, Kawaii~Chan very obviously showed jealousy towards Ghost. The best part is that they kissed at the end… ANYWHO, if you’ve seen Aphmau’s latest mini game episode, titled “Who Is She…? | MINECRAFT MURDER”, you’d see that everyone mistook Daniel for Kawaii~Chan. We also saw that Zane had tried to say he wanted to talk to “Kawaii~Chan” about something, before he was so very rUDELY INTERRUPTED BY OUR KAWAII~CHAN IMPOSTER!!! *AHEM* Sorry about that. I can only assume that he wanted to actually date her (if he wasn’t already by the end of that Starlight episode), but I could be over analyzing it because I’m just Zane~Chan’s #1 fangirl. But yeah. So… SHIP IS CANON (I’m 99.9% sure of this)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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stress relief drawing of katie ‘cause she and travis are my new coping methods lmao

I Could Kiss You Right Now (Ryan Haywood/Reader)

Prompt:  A group of people (RT or AH) are playing a game and person A is falling behind, so person(s) B go back and help person A win or catch up?

WC:  1,228

Warning(s):  Cursing, mentions of sex

Summary:  Goddamn Gavin just had to have the Tower of Pimps.

Author’s Note:  I was suddenly incredibly creatively motivated to write for Ryan after seeing his pictures for the AH store… yum… Also, I got the prompt from the wonderful fuckyeahrtfanfic here on tumblr. I’ll be picking and choosing prompts that they haven’t filled or other people haven’t filled for a while until I get on my feet with my own stuff.

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