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Calling all Achievement Hunter Artists!

I have a new little project I’m working on! And its not really little at all! It’s actually super involved but its a lot of fun! And will be really cool when its done! That being said, i need a lot of art for it. I have no problem drawing it myself but it will take me a while. Plus i really only have one art style. Here is my idea! I have a whole list of things that i need drawn for this! I would absolutely love if i could get a bunch of their community member to donate a small piece of art for this project. Everyone would be fully credited to the art they make and once it is done i will be sending it to the office for our favorite group of idiots to see! Please message me if you want to know more or you want to help out!! I’ll tell you want the project is! I just think this project would be so much cooler if it is a giant collaboration from the entire community!!

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ID #53956

Name: Iggy
Age: 26
Country: USA

So my real name is Jessica but I’d rather go by Iggy. Its an old high school nickname, came from a jacket I used to wear all the time. OK uh I really suck at these things. I’m a huge anime dork, really into any kind of music except country, some gospel and some rap.

I like to draw ( usually from my fandoms im in), although it has been awhile. Sometimes it takes me a bit to get motivation. I’m in a relationship with Netflix even if it doesn’t give me enough horror movies.I love video games and have been obsessed with a few. Some like Life is Strange, Diablo 3, Skyrim, Minecraft, The Last of Us, things like that.

Hm well I’m quite shy so it takes me a bit to open up but hey when I do I become the weird fun shy person. Lets see I’m pan and pretty open minded to a lot things, religion and all.

Preferences: Honestly no one under 21 cause idk just feels odd. Totally gotta have a great sense of humor, isnt that a great perk of a friend?

ID #91674

Name: James
Age: 9
Country: USA

My name is James and I am almost 10 years old.

My main interest is in YouTube.
I would love to make a channel and become a pro YouTuber.
Another thing I like is…. CATS. I LOVE KITTIES. I have a cat of my own named Elliott (Male). And my sister has a cat named Tipsy (Female).
I like to watch movies. My favorite movies are Moana and like every Marvel movie ever made.
I do Online school in the 4th grade as of right now so I have plenty of time to send letters.
I LOVE food and music. Some of my favorite bands are One Republic, Hollywood Undead and PLENTY of more.
I love Gaming and my favorite games are Minecraft (on my laptop) and Ratchet And clank (on the PS4) and ALOOTTTT of other games oh and i have a cute little Blue laptop and I have Three sisters.

Preferences: Any age, Any Gender, Anyone who isn’t hateful.

some off brand dreamworks company will probably make a real, animated minecraft movie one day and the character of steve aka the default minecraft skin is gonna be voiced by elijah wood and his whole backstory is that he hates being the ~~default~~ character and wants to be something “”special””” and he has to go on a “point A to point B” journey to go to The End and craft a diamond sword so he can slay the ender dragon whose probably voiced by benedict cumberbatch

i love minecraft versions of movies that are made in game because there are about 5 things a minecraft character can do


The coolest Ratchet and Clank minecraft mod ever!