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New York Toy Fair 2017: LEGO Delivers Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman, Spider-Man, Star Wars and More

New York Toy Fair 2017: #LEGO Delivers Guardians, Batman, Spider-Man, Star Wars #ToyFair

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With numerous blockbuster films coming out this year, LEGO is delivering sets for fans who want to continue adventures in the tiny scale. But beyond, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The LEGO Batman Movie, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the company also had lots of new other sets on display for their popular DC Super Hero Girls, NEXO Knights,…

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Minecraft - The last Minecart!

just WOW!  AWESOME! Very well done!

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Can you... elaborate on why you think it's gross?

I’m not inclined to, because I know that it’s going to sound a little elitist. That aside, I’m confused that this is a question at all.

The movie that WB is going to make using the Minecraft IP isn’t something that exists because a starving screenwriter pitched a heartwarming tale that just happens to take place in Minecraft, to a shark pit of studio executives. It’s a movie that exists because the Lego Movie exists, and did well enough to justify the idea of shitting out a movie on the value of a property’s name recognition alone. The Lego Movie only exists because the Lego games were inexplicably successful. Those games only exist because the company had rights to certain IPs that real-world Lego sets did not make adequate use of, by which I mean the company was not milking every POSSIBLE dollar from being able to slap Star Wars and DC Superheroes on shit.

I’m not saying that the Minecraft movie is doomed to being a terrible movie. The Lego Movie isn’t terrible. That’s not the point to me, though. The point is that this is a product that exists solely to perpetuate the cycle of product. If it turns out okay, that’s a testament to the determination and craftsmanship of the peons who have to make Minecraft movies for a living. I’d like to buy them all coffee. All the “that movie is okay” in the world won’t make me feel any less like I’m being slapped in the face, as a consumer.

Minecraft Gets The Scorch Trials Multi-Player Mod - IGN
Minecraft is getting a multi-player Scorch Trials mod, and we've got the posters to prove it.

Choose any Glader skin to explore The Scorch in the new #ScorchTrials Minecraft Mod.

I’m so confused about the Minecraft movie. I wish Warner Brothers or Mojang would give us more information about it.

Originally, I heard that it was going to be an animated film directed by the same person who directed Lego Movie (which is a really good movie). But now I’m hearing about a “Minecraft” movie which is a documentary about the company Mojang.

I want a teaser trailer and they are probably going to show one at Minecon 2014. Which sucks because they don’t even have a date for that either.

I just want to know these things: Is it animated or live action? When is it coming out? and is the movie going to star any of the Minecraft You-tubers? (It would be freaking amazing if they had Simon and Lewis in there. I’d pay anything to see a Minecraft movie with them in it.)

The Lego Buzz

It seems many people are surprised by the success of the Lego Movie. That surprises me, in light of the recent very popular video games in the Lego franchise. Were these people living under the proverbial rock? Is the term ‘proverbial’ proverbial? What some see as a giant commercial, it doesn’t seem any different than any other movie that fits in with a toy marketing model since the days of Star Wars. With a slew of recognizable voices from funny people, it appears to be a fun movie, much in the vain of Toy Story, it seemed like a successful formula that Lego should have done many moons ago. 

The success of the movie may spawn other blatant 90 minute commercials, though. The producer of the movie, Roy Lee, has already been snagged to produce a game based on the video game Minecraft.