minecraft fun times

happ valentine !!! (its still the 14th here)

heres some smol valentine gays 

also no im not dead, i’ve just been really busy with school n i have 0 time to draw

im so tired

i love having to resize gifs like 10 times its my favourite hobby

i make a million aus to just let them be forgotten forever lmao


taylorvasvakarian and i want to get people together for a minecraft :create the tower of pimps" race on the xbox version from roosterteeth for shits & giggles & fun times and we want to get people in on it! that makes it fun. we’re hoping to do it tomorrow 9/1 at some time we haven’t figured out yet, that pretty much depends on everyone’s availability. anyone can join until i guess we have a full game, which i believe is 8 people (can anyone confirm that?) i’ll be the one hosting the world, so i’ll give everyone my gamertag who needs it (or it’s on my blog when you click “xbox”)

feel free to message me, or taylor or reblog this and say I WANT TO PLAY

so far the slots look like

  • darthmufasa
  • darthmufasa’s +1
  • taylorvasvakarian

PS i’m not sure yet how we’ll communicate but i’ll guess skype since it works better than tinychat? so in that case your skype name will be needed to!