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Mall Weeb

 This is a very long story, apologies. TL;DR at bottom. Trigger: Sexual Assault, Violence.

I have a friend, lets call him DJ, who has a son who is about 7. This son, lets call him Kyle, loves going to the mall and looking at all of the anime action figures in a particular store. One day I was babysitting Kyle, and he asked if we could go to the mall. I said yes, we piled in my car and headed their. We walked around the mall for a little bit and had a super good time. Then Kyle asked to go to the anime store, I tell him that his dad is coming to the mall to pick him up so this will be our last stop. Kyle agrees, and I text DJ to meet us at said anime store. Kyle and I walk in and the kid goes crazy as usual. As I follow him around I see a few guys huddled around the manga section. They looked to be about 20, maybe a little older, and were quietly mumbling to each other. As I follow Kyle, I notice one of the boys is staring at me, and I start getting creeped out. This kid then starts slowly inching closer to me and Kyle. To give a little more background on me, I am a 5 ft, female who is a little on the chubby side, and looks significantly younger than my ID suggests. I am almost 25 and I often get mistaken for a 16 year old. I am also much stronger than your average woman due to years of heavy weight lifting. This does not physically show because “if you have fat, you must be weak”`. 

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“Keep Moving Forward.” Monty Oum, 1981 - 2015

Monty was and will continue to be one of my biggest inspirations that I ever had/have. I was lucky enough to get a picture with him and get him to sign my foam iron minecraft sword during PAX Prime 2013, and I will honestly never forget him. Monty was a hero, an inspiration, and will forever be dearly missed.

“They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing & the second, when somebody says your name for the last time.” (x)

i asked my brother what weapon he thinks i would use if i had to use one (for homestuck reasons of course) and he said “foam minecraft sword”



Summary: Whenever Phil is feeling down, he decides to make Dan his little tickle toy. (Don’t tell anyone, but Dan secretly loves it.)

Genre: Super Fluff

Warnings: ticklish!dan


“Phil, don’t you even dare.”

Dan started scooting away on the couch the second Phil turned to stare at him with that look in his eyes. The noiret’s eyes had glazed over and slowly looked over Dan’s body.

This always happened.

Despite his usually happy disposition, even Phil experienced bouts of sadness or just feeling down in general. He long ago discovered a way to battle these negative feelings, and it usually included making Dan a victim.

“What are you talking about, Dan?” Phil murmured, seemingly in a daze as he leaned towards his boyfriend a bit more.

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ok so i need to rant and i need people to hear because this is bothering me so much. So I have a little sister who turned 13 today. I’ll start at today when I first got upset. All she wanted for her birthday was a cellphone. I would like to point out that my older sister and I had to wait until we turned 14 to get our first phones. Well my mom decided that she would get her a phone but like a crappy one where all you can do is text. Turns out she gets a samsung. I have a fucking blackberry which I hate and then my little sister whos only 13 gets a high end samsung. This is so like my family they play favourites with her all the time. Examples are at christmas she gets twice the presents as everyone else. I complain to my older sister (who doesn’t live with us anymore) all the time and my older sister agrees but then whenever we see her she is always talking to my little sister and buying her all these presents and basically ignoring me. She just uses me when she wants something, and I’m too nice to say no. Anyway next topic, for my 13th birthday I got a t-shirt and shorts and a piano book (i quit piano that year so I never use those books). So i hung out with my friend all day and got what I wanted (a minecraft foam sword (( I LOVED minecraft)) ) with my own money. And my dad forgot about my birthday so he asked what I wanted and I said an Xbox 360. SO we went out to the store to buy one. I don’t consider it a birthday present because I had to pay 75 dollars the day we got it (all the money I had left) and I spent the rest of the summer working for my dad (at his buiness) to pay it off. But the best part is that when ever we get an xbox game they always give it to my little sister so when i try to play it she gets mad and yells that its her game and when I yell saying its my xbox i get in trouble. I know this is like a firts world problem but thats the  type of probelms I have. For my 10th birthday i got a DSI which was a big deal. I wanted one so bad! So I waited and waited for my birthday when i finally got one! 2 weeks later I come home to see my sister with a DSI as well. no occasion just felt unfair for her not to have one. Also at christmas I buy everyone presents with my own money so they’re not top notch presents. Well my younger sister who borrows money from our parents buys everyone these presents and come christmas the look on everyones face when they open my presents compared to when they open hers is so sad. And now she’s started watching youtubers and dan and phil. She tells me that she loves dan and phil more than will chant dan loves me dan hates evelyn its never ending. And now she’s getting tumblr. so anyway that was my rant and  i um i feel sorta better. sorry for wasting your time. Sorry that its a lot of first word problems  but i had to say something to someone or else i would have exploded. 

You can’t fuck the purple guy from the fnaf series. We need to set this shit straight once and for all; Atari pixels. Are not. Fuckable. You think all that fan art of him is going to mask the fact the guy’s packin’ a pixel pecker? Shit, trying to hold a foam minecraft sword in your hand is already uncomfortable as it is, you really think its not going to be the same inside your butt? Also according to the lore, the bastard kills children and works a poorly managed children’s resturaunt. Not exactly attractive traits to look for in a fictional mate. Don’t fuck the purple man, you can do better than that sweetie c'mon.

Was feeling a little bummed today, thought I would do my own little post tribute based on youcantfuckosmosisjones ‘s posts