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In case you Diaries and Estorra fans didnt have a twitter. A while ago Jason announced that Diaries was no longer going to be produced due to lack of popularity compared to the successful Mystreet Series, the same reason why Estorra was taken down.

BUT they were thinking of making a secondary channel JUST for those series to keep them alive. So please, if you LOVE Estorra and Diaries and want it back then PLEASE follow it. They need to know that we still support this series

Signal boost please.


Check out this video: it talks about what Aphmau Fantasy is about & please subscribe! It’s up to us, as fans, to revitalize these shows and I know we can do it y'all!!!!

Once again people, you have disappointed them. And you’ve embarrassed our community once more.

Now, I don’t need the full story to understand what’s going on. People are hating on the VAs. I’m not surprised, all forms of entertainment do get hate. But hate on the VAs is just too far and plain stupid.
These people make the stories come to life. They give them personality, individuality. They make them rememberable. But hating on the VA for what a character they voice did is stupid.

First off, the VAs just do the voicing of the character. They don’t actually do said thing irl.
Second off, neither the writer nor the actor/voice actor in any story agree with the evil things some of the characters do. For example if a person voiced a rapists in a TV show, that does not mean the person condones it. They did their job. It’s also not the writers fault for those characters. They’re just trying to make their story more real.
Third off. Do not hate them for something they didn’t do. It’s like people hating on the actor who played the villain in a story. None of the VAs did anything wrong, they were doing their job. NEVER think the VAs and the characters are one and the same. Never pin the wrong doing of the character on the actor.

Lastly, if I hear about any more hate on any of the VAs or anyone on this. I swear to Irene that I will make you suffer a death that not even Shad himself would want.

Side note: Although I don’t like what certain characters are doing in certain series (I.e MCD!Zane kidnapping Emmy, MCD!Gene trying to make everyone forget about Dante, etc.). I personally hate them for what they’ve done. But I have never pinned it on the VAs. They did nothing wrong, they only brought those characters closer to life and I’m thankful for that. They make these amazing stories Jess tells more real. Thank you, I can’t say it enough. But thank you to the amazing VAs, editors, and just everyone who helps makes theses series a reality.

Discord chat for Aphmau’s series??

Okay so I have been in love with Aphmau’s series like Diaries, My Street, and I haven’t gotten all that into Estorra, but I’m sure it’s awesome (too addicted to the others atm ;w;) but I have no one to fangirl to after I watch an episode except for maybe 2 people…it gets kinda lonely. So I was thinking, what if I make a Discord chat room for the series? Either just one for all her series’, or one for each series. Who would want to join in? There could be shared fanart, headcanons, OTP talk, etc. If this sounds like a good idea to some, please let me know and I might make one for other fans to join ;w; thank you guys for any feedback~