minecraft dogs



Riki and I started playing Minecraft Life in the Woods and one of my projects was to build the Detective Agency. And finally I’m done more or less I guess. It’s not completely lookng like the original but I did my best.

What do you think? (Currently I’m trying to make the models for the Agency employees xD… Yosano is made by myself. Atsushi and Kunikida were already done by someone else)

Pretty awesome day! I tried a new tea at dunkin and it was everythinggggg. Went to Donnie’s house and had lots of fun! We played minecraft and Kirby’s epic yarn! We ate chips and pizza and we went to see a musical. I met Donnie’s Chelsea and saw the Addams Family musical at Clearwater. We got chili cheese dogs and they were yummy. Played the “legally blonde but _____” game. FaceTiming with Marisa right now. Pretty great day, I’m tired.

New fan art for Stampylongnose and friends! 

Featuring: Rosie833 (Penguin), Amy lee33 (Mermaid), L for Leeeee x (Banjo), Longbowx99 (Hatty), Stampy (Fidget), iBallisticSquid, Finnball (Hero), Ank55 (Steve), Barnaby and Duncan the Minecraft dogs, Mittens the Minecraft cat and Henry and Hilda the Minecraft Snow and Iron golems!

Click here for speedart video

hello people

I’ve recently made a tumblr and I am still looking for people who re blog things like:

•tokyo ghoul

• dmmd

• dogs bullets and carnage


•cirque du freak



•cry and dodger


•Nora and the chronicals of devildoom


Please reblog if you post any of these

Pressing down+joystick direction for emotes in Overwatch has become so familiar/instinctive to me that I try to do it in Destiny too

Except today it went one further

my Minecraft dogs saved my ass when I had three skeletons coming at me at once and I tried to Thank You emote at my fucking dogs