minecraft dogs

Original– I saw it and was inspired XD

Petra would be the one telling him to put the corn dogs back XD

seriously you guys someone take Photoshop away from me I cannot be trusted with this power XD

I’ve sunk so deep into the depths of this fandom I don’t think I even want out anymore oh gosh what have I done with my life



Riki and I started playing Minecraft Life in the Woods and one of my projects was to build the Detective Agency. And finally I’m done more or less I guess. It’s not completely lookng like the original but I did my best.

What do you think? (Currently I’m trying to make the models for the Agency employees xD… Yosano is made by myself. Atsushi and Kunikida were already done by someone else)

So uhh, my waifu @sofihtf02 made this for me, and I ended up coloring it, soooo I think it counts as a collab? xDD

(This was like 2 months ago, I aM PRODUCTIVE I SWEAR-)

I really liked how it turned out anyways! I really love this girl’s art, and combined with my coloring skills (which are not the best, but they’re not bad either), it just looks beautiful asdasdas <3

But anyway, enjoy!~

Minecraft Fallout 4 RP series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnDzh0ppSA-cx2ob49NAG-qwWh9Z6XHoV
NewScapePro’s channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/NewScapePro

Sketch: @sofihtf02 (GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE FOR ME! <3)
Lineart and coloring by me~


So uhh, mi waifu @sofihtf02 hizo esto para mi, y alfinal termine coloreandolo, soooo creo que esto cuenta como un collab? xDD

(Esto fue como hace 2 meses atrás, sOY PRODUCTIVA LO JURO-(????)),

Me gusta mucho cómo quedó de igual modo! Realmente amo el arte de esta niña, y combinado con mis habilidades de colorear (que no son las mejores, pero tampoco están nada mal), simplemente se ve hermoso asdasdas <3

Pero anyway, espero les guste!~

Serie RP de Minecraft Fallout 4: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnDzh0ppSA-cx2ob49NAG-qwWh9Z6XHoV
Canal de NewScapePro!: https://www.youtube.com/user/NewScapePro


once i was playing minecraft with my best friend and her lil brother and i was building a house and i found a dog and my friends like ‘u can tame him’ and i did and i named him connor and then she left the room and her lil bro blew up my house and killed connor (by accident bc he set off the tnt too early before i could pull connor away to safety) and its still rly sad

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New fan art for Stampylongnose and friends! 

Featuring: Rosie833 (Penguin), Amy lee33 (Mermaid), L for Leeeee x (Banjo), Longbowx99 (Hatty), Stampy (Fidget), iBallisticSquid, Finnball (Hero), Ank55 (Steve), Barnaby and Duncan the Minecraft dogs, Mittens the Minecraft cat and Henry and Hilda the Minecraft Snow and Iron golems!

Click here for speedart video