minecraft castles

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“Next time, scare somebody else!” Luke mutters, after Obi-Wan accidentally scared the shit out of him by appearing as a ghost.  Obi-Wan’s first thought: OHO I’M GONNA GO SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF VADER THEN.  Like that’s the first thought he has when contemplating who else to go scare.

And this works exactly as planned.

You know Obi-Wan is going to haunt the hell out of Vader after this.  No Minecraft Castle of Sadness on a Lava Planet will be safe from the halls echoing with “BoooooOOOOOooooOOOOooooo~~~” late at night now.  No Imperial meeting, not even the boring ones, is going to be safe from a ghost popping up (A GHOST NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE, of course) and going “WHATCHA DOIN’, DARTH?!” right in Vader’s face.  No meditation chamber or bacta tank will ever be safe again.

me playing minecraft
  • while exploring: man i wish i could find a village
  • while in a village: I want the Biggest House here with stained glass windows and colored carpet
  • while exploring: I want a castle.
  • while building: you know what would be great? A city. Just...a city built from scratch right here on this mountain.

I don’t think I have ever posted my Minecraft builds on here, but in my spare time I totally play the shit out of this game. My friends hosts a lil server for our group of pals and this castle is a big collaborative build by all of us that is still a WIP.

These are the three main rooms I’ve contributed to. Throne room, dining hall, and ballroom. I also do some of the exterior detailing and roofing.