minecraft castle

In case y'all were wondering why I haven't been putting up anything recently...

…this is why.

(Yes, this was built in Survival Mode.)

From up close:

The main hall:

The main hall’s ceiling:

North Wing: Furnace Room (34 Furnaces!), Mines (the ladder at the far end), and Transit Station (right side, past the chest).

West Wing: Storage Room, Crafting, and Enchanting. It’s a bit plain at this point, but I’ll put more stuff in here later.

South Wing: Guest Rooms (16 of them! 8 on the ground floor, 8 on the second floor. May be overdoing it a bit, but I plan to have some friends over in the future. Might as well be prepared.)

A guest room:

East Wing: Farms. I’m never going to hungry again.

East Wing, second floor: more farms!

West Wing, second floor: enchanting, more storage, brewing, etc.

View from the third floor:

Third floor, looking down the East Wing (which is ~2x as long as the other three wings).

Looking back from the far end of the East Wing:

The four wings meet at this point on the third floor; it’s right above the ceiling of the main hall:

View from the fourth floor:

On the fourth floor, looking up:

My living quarters on the fifth floor:

The crow’s nest (sixth floor):

The view from the crow’s nest:

From off in the distance:

(This is as far away as I can get while still being able to see the beacon.)

So. That happened. Time to get back to business around here and spend a little more time drawing, I think.

I still can’t believe Vader built his Minecraft Castle of Sadness on Mustafar so that he could look out over the place where Obi-Wan broke up with him almost 20 years ago while he floats in bacta and probably listens to Evanescence and alternately seethes how about He Doesn’t Miss Him At All and seethes about How Dare Obi-Wan Do This To Him, all the while high-key hating himself and probably wanting to die, but nobody who can kill him will just fucking do it.

Vader is the absolute worst and I love him more than I can convey with words.

New video out on the channel guys!
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Part 1!🎮
Check it out!! ⤵⤵

anonymous asked:

Have you ever learned to play any instruments?

no but, I sing, I do the artz, I play minecraft, and can build castles and shit, i can decorate houses pretty, I can raid on WoW, I can do training on star stable without getting bored, I can debate, and I can video edit. I sink time into way too many things to play instruments. adglhas;d; 

But if I could, I’d love to play the guitar! (Bass, ukelele, whichever. :3)

I tried teaching myself to play bass in the past, but, I was really bad at it and couldn’t find a reason to play anymore. ;w;

Oh, and I also learned to play trumpet a little back in elementary school~! But… I hated it so much x_x