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Cyan Industries Call Center

Right on Victory Boulevard, the Cyan Industries Call Center provides support for any customer requiring assistance with the operation or assembling of Cyan Co. products. However only the bottom half portion is used for this purpose, the top half is used for office sweets and conference rooms used for District/Regional sale managers and employees. (Will post more pictures with buildings behind in the future).


Regional Trade Center (WIP)

The Regional Trade Center is one of the largest trade and business hubs in all of Alextopia. The RTC is currently made up of two separate complexes, one located to the right of the Pegasus Records Building (Will show pics later) and the other (as seen above) located right on Liberty Avenue. The RTC will include 6 buildings (only 4 constructed so far, maybe more than 6 in the future).

Notes- Will post pics of the other complex later; I will make a separate post for RTC building 5 (seen next to building 6 in some of these pictures) and another post when I finish the shared plaza.