minecraft antics


Uh, Hello, Hello! Uh, if you’re hearing this… then you’ve successfully gotten a job as a night guard here at King Skelly’s Pizza! Way to go, sport! Heh, um, so yeah, welcome to your new summer job. Uh, lemme just say that I was a night guard before you, and to be quite honest with you, my week as one was quite… interesting, to say the least. Now I won’t talk long, because I want you to experience the job first hand instead of you listening to me blabbering on about it. So, your job as a night guard is to monitor the place for any suspicious activity, such as thieves or anything else suspicious. Now I’m not saying there are, really I’m not, it’s just that you might’ve heard some… things… about King Skully’s Pizza, like that we power our lights with the blood of children. Now that’s just false, we run our power from the safest electrical plant we could find. Uh, you might’ve also heard that the animatronics… move… at night. W-well, I’m gonna have to say that’s true. They do get… quirky… at night. Uh, they SHOULD recognize you with their facial recognition technology, uh, but if they don’t, you’re probably gonna have to hightail it over to your office and lock the door so they don’t get you. That is to say, nothing bad will happen if they catch you, don’t get me wrong. Uh, nobody’s ever really been caught by these guys, uh, but if they don’t recognize you, they’ll think your a suitless endoskeleton, and they’ll… uh… try to stuff you in a suit. Well, that wouldn’t be so bad, if the suits didn’t have crossbeams and supports that would pierce your body. Especially around the face and eye regions… ahhaaa… so… it’s best not to get caught. If they chase you, uh, like I said; run to your office. Then, if you’re lucky, they’ll get bored trying to tear down your door and wander off somewhere else. Well, that just about covers everything. Stay safe, watch out, and don’t try to use the cameras; they don’t work as well as you think they should. Talk to you tomorrow. -click-

Yep yep, this is my Five Nights at Freddy’s-ish build! I have'ta say it came out better than I expected. Bigger, too. If they only had more heads, then I would have made more “animatronics”, which are just armor stands in Singleplayer. Now, I hope someday I’ll be able to build this in Multiplayer with some people, and have a 6 Player game made off of it. I’d call it “Five Nights at Skelly’s”.

If you want any more info on any of the animatronics here, please ask me! Now I know this is purely based on FNAF, but it inspired me to do this. And I’m sure others have been inspired to do other FNAF-Based stuff. So anyway, I hope you enjoy this!