minecraft : things that make you rage


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Posters of Achievement Hunter: July 20-July 26 (Fibbage, VS 125, Aqua Joust, Rage Quit, Towerfall Ascension, Minecraft 165, One Hand, Rocket League, Hasta la Vista) [42 Total]

Posters of AH: Let’s Play - Fibbage XL Part 2 http://imgur.com/a/tghKQ
Posters of AH: VS 125 / TTDI GTA V - Aqua Joust http://imgur.com/a/iVjoH
Posters of AH: Rage Quit - No Time to Explain http://imgur.com/a/yS0Rl
Posters of AH: Let’s Play - Towerfall Ascension - Part 4 http://imgur.com/a/u24zs
Posters of AH: Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 165 http://imgur.com/a/czolA
Posters of AH: Things to do in GTA V - One Hand http://imgur.com/a/bAkgY
Posters of AH: Let’s Play - Rocket League http://imgur.com/a/BFvfh
Posters of AH: Let’s Play - GTA V - Hasta La Vista http://imgur.com/a/d5HFY

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Imagine Sam and Clint introduces video games to Bucky but no one thinks the violent games are a good idea to play, so they end up mostly playing stuff Minecraft, Peggle, Mario Kart, and Portal. And as it turns out, Bucky ends up being pretty good.

bucky thrashes them all at mario kart, it turns out. and since tony is a poor sport they all decide that it’s not the best game to play as a team, so sam and clint turn on minecraft. (bucky is actually SPECTACULARLY bad at minecraft, as it turns out, and tony is phenomenal, so that’s not a good game for them either.)

they turn on portal and hand bucky the controller and, wow. there’s something about the gameplay that changes bucky. mario kart makes bucky mean as hell, and minecraft makes him curse on a level higher than rage quit. but portal… portal is relaxing, for some reason.

chell’s story kind of strikes close to home, something that sam and clint both FORGOT, but bucky doesn’t react to gladOs’ caustic remarks. in actuality, he snorts, even as he solves each puzzle like it’s nobody’s business. wheately is the only thing that makes him flinch.

“dude, are you crying over the end of a video game?”

“I swear to fuck, barton, if you tell sam i will murder you in your sleep.”


“god damnit, clint, i am not your kindergarten teacher, work it out yourselves.”

they do. natasha comes in an hour later to thrash them both at mario kart to get bucky to shut up about minecraft.

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hii, um i sort of just heard about rt quite recently and am totally shipping Gavin and Michael but i was wondering if you could fill me in on... um i dont know just anything you'd think i'd need to know? on anything rt related really, god im so awkward, sorry

ah! np sweetheart ive gotcha covered :) i dunno how much you know, so ill cover… most everything really, in general terms ! 

edit: i bolded key terms ! cause its hella long!!

SO its all youtubers, right? but theres a couple different subsections:


is the overall company based in austin TX where they make 2D animation, 3D animation, game shows, playthroughs and things-to-do type videos and theres a LOT of staff.

It was originally founded by Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Burnie Burns, and Matt Hullum in 2003!

Videos on this channel include Animated Adventures (featuring the crew), Red vs Blue (halo-centric 3D animated original series), RWBY (3D “anime” type series), Rage Quit (Michael Jones yelling), The Gauntlet (video game competition), Immersion (not often), podcasts, comedic shorts, and weekly updates that cover the video game industry and their own company news, and MORE. Burnie, Barbara and Gavin make vines every so often jfc theyre adorable


subsection of RT created by Geoff and Jack starring the LADS (youngers) Ray, Michael, Gavin / and the GENTS (olders) Geoff, Jack, Ryan. Lindsay and Caleb are also in AH, but they aren’t usually included in the videos themselves, more behind the scenes. Michael and Lindsay are getting married!! ! !!  Kerry sometimes plays too but i dont think he’s considered an official AH member.

They have a schedule for the week for which videos they make, usually revolving around minecraft and recently GTAV plus some random games.They do lets plays (30 min to 1 hr) on wednesdays, which could be any game, and infamous minecraft lets plays on friday which are sometimes multiple parts and just revolve around a theme/task/game for the video.

They also do lets builds and things-to-do, also weekly updates that cover AH news and the video game industry, plus sell their merch. They have Internet Box which is a podcast featuring them. And full plays usually done by Michael, where he plays through an entire game without editing p much anything out. Theyre HELLA LONG but its funny cause theyre comedians, its what they do. They also made a separate channel for “failures” I forget what its called but they do that too….

Also HUNT, VS and GO!, which are competitions between the AH crew. Theyre super funny and range from 5 to 30 min, where they pass a belt and rooster trophy to the winner each week. There’s a similar concept for Lets Plays, where the Tower of Pimps (obsidion + 4 gold blocks) is given to the winner both in minecraft and in real life via a mini version.

“Achievement City” is the base created in minecraft which has all their houses. Ray’s is a tiny shitty shack, Geoff’s is a gigantic tower that was recently expanded by like 3000%. They often refer to their previous lets plays a lot ie “Wipeout” and “Hey so should we go to Creeper Soccer is” as in where its built on their map. 


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