minecraft 3d

Too true man. I love terraria. Whilst this does hold true I believe that they’re both perfect in their designated aspects. Terraria is built for adventure and action which it does beautifully and it makes me so happy to play it over and over again restarting every time. Minecraft however does the whole creativity and building thing so well and is so accessible for any kind of person with all the mods and mini-games and things you can do with it. Both perfectly good at what they’re made for.

Procedural Generation with Perlin Noise

Today we created a procedural generated Minecraft chunk. This was done all in code! We then went on to  and also made it generate cave systems. We could change both the cave generation and the terrain and the game was running with sliders! Loving coding!


This is my first ever full Minecraft animation, I’m still learning, so I really REALLY appreciate it if you share and comment on the video! :D It really helps me, and I’d love to hear what you think about it!! :D


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The NES Hands Free controller.

The Hands Free controller was developed for kids who didn’t have the use of their hands. The controller is designed to be worn on the players chest. It has a long joy stick that could be moved by using your chin and a straw-like rubber tube that would activate the “A” button when blown into or the “B” button when sipped! It works surprisingly well and is easier to use than you’d expect.

It was tested by kids at the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle before being released publicly in 1989. It wasn’t sold in stores and had to be ordered directly from Nintendo.

It’s heartwarming that a company would put so much research and development into something that they knew they wouldn’t sell many of to make sure that everyone had an opportunity to play games. Things like this are why I love Nintendo.

I’ve decided to do short reviews on all the rare or weird stuff in my display case. Some of it I’ve posted about before but it’s been a long time and others I’ve never talked about at all.