The CityZen Beta server is now open for testing!

CityZen is a huge custom plugin that I’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s an easy and straightforward way for players to join and manage cities, complete with plots, reputation, rewards, and more. Eventually, this plugin will be released on the Core Server, however right now it’s in open beta, and we need your help to test it!

Simply join the beta server, try to break things, and report any issues you come across. Learn more about the plugin on the CityZen wiki, and report issues to the CityZen github page.

Players are eligible to receive Bughunter Tokens from reporting issues in this way, and everyone who joins a City on the Beta Server will receive a special badge on the Core Server.

You can join the server for yourself at or at its alt address (which is actually a bit faster). We hope to see you there!