So it turns out I spent so much time making Zigzag…I haven’t had time to take proper screenshots, DOH!
Here’s where you come in! Tweet/tumble me your screenshots showcasing Zigzag and it might end up as an official screenshot for the pack! I’ll probably be picking about 10 or so. Selected shots will be credited to their creators on all sites!


If you tweet out the download link or link to the main website, you could win a chance to get a cute little zigzag style Minecraft portrait of yourself! This contest ends tonight at 8:00 where I will pick the winners randomly from the people who have tweeted. Probably about five winners total, more if I can! Art will be delivered tomorrow!

Telltale will offer players a genuine Minecraft experience by taking months between episodes, stopping on the fourth one, then releasing a 30 second cutscene immediately followed by credits as the fifth episode after months of complaints so their contractual obligation will be technically fulfilled.

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Information regarding Minecraft 1.9, copied from /r/minecraft

  • First 1.9 snapshot likely within 2 weeks, but no promises
  • End stone bricks are one of the new blocks - Screenshot
  • Screenshot of some new arrows in the creative inventory
  • Mirroring/rotating structures will come to /clone
  • More different textures for mobs
  • White glowing pole blocks, placable horizonally and vertically which produce white particles - Screenshots - also shown on the earlier presentation, but I missed them there
  • set amount of pillars arranged in a circular fashion
  • ender dragon protects pillars more the further you progress - Screenshots
  • fire breath
  • ender dragon can be respawned as many times as you want
  • you can craft a version of the ender crystals which spawn another dragon when placed
  • ender dragon breath is an ingredient you can get from killing the dragon over and over, but only one dragon egg
  • New type of portal: “End gateway” - Screenshots
  • Multiple end islands
  • You can now throw ender pearls in creative mode
  • New item: Chorus Fruit (edible), comes from Chorus plants (farmable) - Screenshots
  • Only the flowers atop the chorus fruits let you replant the plants
  • Chorus plants drop the whole plant at once, like cacti
  • End city: name of the new dungeon in the end with loads of new blocks - Screenshots
  • First 1.9 snapshot very soon
  • Hostile mob, “Shulker”, short for “Shell Lurker”, disguises as the block it’s sitting on
  • Opens up and shoots projectiles which only move along the x/y/z axis - Screenshots
  • Status effect HUDs! - show good effects on the top, bad effects on the bottom, left-most effects expire sooner
  • Effects that are about to run out will blink
  • New potion effect: Levitation, given by the Shulker projectiles - negative effect - Screenshots
  • Shields with customizable patterns, like banners! - very WIP, possibly not in the first snapshot - Screenshots
  • Patterns obtainable by combining shields with banners
  • Shields block attacks from the side they’re held on
  • Grey arrows are invisibility arrows
  • Spectral arrows make hit entities glow for a while
  • Poison arrows
  • Arrows can be tipped with potions which will be applied on hit
  • The bow in your hotbar shows how far arrows have been drawn - Screenshot
  • You can find out whether you’re glowing from a spectral arrow using the potion effect HUD
  • No more super secret settings/Broadcast Settings?
  • edit: rewatchable stream
  • new white pole blocks, can be horizontal and vertical

Q/A time:

  • Stronger boats are being considered, planned feature parity with MC:PE is still a thing
  • Levitation potion probably not being added
  • Invisible entities hit by spectral arrows still get an outline

Little drawing featuring my good old friend scoutpie​!

I know I promised to draw you a few months ago and even though it may take me a while, I keep my promises!! So here, have a little Phillip! This was actually a lot of fun to work on! Scout looks a lot like Kodan so it wasn’t too hard. Holy shit yeah, they could as well be twins. 

- -

Art fully belongs to me. Do not use without permission. Only Scoutpie is allowed to use this. Character is scoutpie‘s Scout/Phillip and belongs to him.