Arc 3 Part 18:

Saving Herobrine-Act 5

Celina carefully placed her hands on the sides of Herobrine’s face, and said, “Hush, dear friend. I’m here to help you.” That got the weakened Demi-God’s attention as his arms were held, and the queen looked into his white eyes with her black ones, kindness and love in them. Taking a deep breath, she spoke again. 

“Herobrine, I’ve known you for five years now. I never thought I could befriend someone like you, much less stay friends for this long. You mean the world to me. You’re my best friend. And I promised to be your guardian. And… I’ve always tried to. I would never, in my like, malevolently hurt you. I… I love you, Brine.

“I’m sorry for not protecting you from getting hurt. I shouldn’t have left. I should have stayed home, and kept those people away from you, Herobrine. And I didn’t. But, I ask for your forgiveness, and… ask that you return home, so we can take care of you… Forgive me, Herobrine?”

The being stared, before a quiet gasp escaped his lips. He remembered… Cebrine. And he now remembered his best friend, his queen, Celina. He shut his eyes before reopening them. “…Celina,” came his quiet voice.

Did it really work? Did he really remember them? Did Herobrine remember Celina?

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