Let's Play Minecraft – Episode 248 – Sky Factory Part 2
  • gavin: ooh, guys, get this - get this shit, guess who was in my house this weekend
  • michael: who? ryan?
  • gavin: ryan. haywood. in my house
  • michael: -not talking to you
  • ryan: no, i talked to him
  • gavin: yeah, we talked
  • ryan: there was a conversation, we exchanged pleasantries
  • gavin: yeah, i gave him a weird look, cause why are you- why- it's weird, and then it was fine
  • ryan: yeah

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting awhile! School and stuff. Anyways I’m doing this palette thing that I wanted to do for a while! Send in your requests! I can do:



-Gravity Falls 

-Steven Universe

-Milo Murphy’s Law

-Neko Atsume


-Yandere Simulator

-We Bare Bears

EDIT: Okay, SO, because I have 62 new requests to do. I’m gonna have to close up my inbox. Please no more requests! I will not take anymore! But, I MAY open up again if time is on my side and I got things done.

ALSO EDIT: And please no more requests by replying to this post, it’s ridiculous! Any of the following requests after I JUST said, “No more”! WILL BE DELETED. So no more requests by replying to this post. I already have way too much than I need. I don’t want to overwork myself!

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 30
  • Gavin: *runs into cacti for like the 5th time* OW
  • Geoff: You fucking- Cactus is your kryptonite
  • Micheal: That's true
  • Gavin: More like Cactinite
  • Micheal: More like Cocktinite
  • Geoff: ooOOOOooo
  • Gavin: *giggles* Do you want some Cocktinite, Micheal?
  • Micheal: Yea!
  • Micheal: *realizes that he practically made Mavin canon* Wait NO
  • Everyone else: HAHA
Everyone should go watch Clouds X because it will brighten up your day. The phrases each AH member grunts out after falling to their death are priceless. Including:
  • Michael: ja ja goo! GOO!
  • Gavin: You bitch! You flightless bitc-
  • Jeremy: AH ya gotta be diddy ko-
  • Jack: Raaaah!
  • Michael: how how? How! HOW?!
  • Gavin: Uh I suck so muc- *vomiting noise*
  • Jeremy: Oh that was an idiot of me! That was an idiot.
  • Jack: no! Fuck! Shit! Fuck! God dammit!