minecon 2011


Seananners chilling with BebopVox at Minecon (by BebopVox)

Finally got around to watching the Minecon Yogpanel

I kept reading people on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter complaining they were showing videos of other modder’s work and crediting themselves for it before, so I was curious. I was expecting it to be total crap, to be honest, since I know everyone was saying it was.

 One of the first things that stood out to me? 

“We did none of this ourselves… You guys are so much better than we are!”

And thus rambling.

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MineCon 4: Yogscast panel (the second part is HERE).

Amazing (and fully merited) tribute at all the people behind yogscast videos. Here, (finally!) are revealed the names of the architects of Minecraftia, which (as you will see in the video) aren’t just builders but indeed extraordinary block artist: BlockFortress and the community collective VoxelBox.