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I’m a bit sorry to say that I will be choosy, so I hope that no one gets offended by this. It is a personal favorites page after all and not everyone will be selected.


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PARING- reader x Steve



Request from anon- Hey💗 I loved your previous smut imagine so I thought I could also give you an idea :) something where you’re the Captain’s girlfriend and also an avenger but recently you barley had time together cause of missions. One time back after a mission Steve surprises you with a candle light dinner in his apartment and later you make up for some lost time and have really passionate and intense sex? 😘 and if you like from both povs :) thank you soooo much 😍😊

Another smut for you all and with out dear Captain *grins* enjoy. 


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Being Steve Roger’s girlfriend was always going to cause some problems. He was Americas hero and when he got called away there was not much you could say about it, but it was equally hard being an Avenger as well as Captain America’s girlfriend. The missions were piling up and you frequently saw more of Clint and Natasha than you did your own boyfriend, it was frustrating to no end. But you loved being and Avenger and you loved Steve, it was like holding a double edged sword and trying not to stab yourself.

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PARING- reader x Steve rogers 


WARNINGS: slight angst, fluff 

Request from Anon- Can you pls do a Steve fic you guys are engaged and he introduces you to Bucky and he’s really shy at first but because your really maternal after a few weeks he’s opening up to you and the other avengers joke about you and Steve being parent figures?☺

This request is so relevant to me because i am the Mum friend of the group *sighs* so i got to tap into the mothering side of me for this one haha! Enjoy x 


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Being engaged to one of the most recognisable and influential figures in American history came with a lot of extra baggage. Not that you minded, in fact you were more than welcoming to it. With out Steve you would have been stuck in the same mundane life. Working at your dead end job, with no prospects of anything exciting or meaningful ever happening. When you met Steve it was like someone had turned on the light. You weren’t an Avenger; you had no special skill set or superpower. But Steve had chosen you, he loved you enough to one day call you his wife. The other Avenger would disagree with you when you said you had no business being associated on the team.

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things i’ve learned this weekend
  • you can fall in platonic love
  • better to try than to not try at all
  • hugs are good. hugs are very good. 
  • a few good friends are better than many acquaintances
  • everyone is fake to some degree
  • it is better to listen and stay silent rather than speak when you have nothing substantial to contribute
  • telling sad people to “look on the bright side” invalidates their feelings
  • people are so interesting. every person is so much deeper than they originally appear
  • friendship is so valuable. not being friends with someone who you used to be friends with really really sucks. hearing “happy birthday” from them is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
  • crying is cathartic. crying is good. crying when other people cry is okay. crying and hugging at the same time is an experience. 
  • be open-minded. being trapped in my liberal bubble is now a huge fear of mine
  • being able to openly talk about sex and drugs and other “taboo subjects” with other girls is so so so liberating
  • makeup is fucking awesome. good eyebrows are something to be proud of
  • it is okay to copy blair waldorf’s style. for now.
  • heels that don’t fit right hurt so bad
  • you are not obligated to enjoy sub-par experiences
  • sharing a hotel room with four other girls, ordering pizza, and staying up until two am is fantastic
  • don’t accidentally ditch the one person in the group that you mutually want to spend time with
  • “i love you” is such a strong phrase especially when you’re hearing it for the first time from someone. it is better if you are hugging. it is stronger if you are crying.
  • someone who laughs at the same stupid shit as you is someone to be treasured.
  • staying hydrated is so fucking important
  • folding clothes is so important especially if you want them all to fit in your luggage
  • feeling someone’s chin rest on your head as you hug them is fucking fantastic
  • sometimes you meet a guy who is so perfect and amazing and you never want to not be with them. and sometimes this person is just a freakin amazing friend because not everything has to be romantic
  • waiting for the right guy is more important to me than chasing any male in the vicinity
  • shy extroverts exist. i am one of them
  • snapchat unites
  • hormones fuck you up
  • hugs are free and so good
Be My Giant

 Warning: I made this in like, a half hour after inspiration struck. I have never posted anything like this before so I’m a bit nervous. I can’t really sing and there isn’t music and it was recorded on my phone and the rhythm is probably off, but I kind of like it so I’m just gonna go ahead and post this. 

 I figured there needed to be an actual Gt song, so here we go.


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Imagine being Coulson’s daughter

Requested by madelynnbabee | Gif not mine

Being a SHIELD agent is in your blood. You knew you wanted to be one since you were a little girl, always worshipping your dad when he told you stories about saving the world and superheroes from the past.

When you went to the academy, it was soon obvious that you were meant to be an agent, always achieving top grades, coming to you naturally.

Even when your father died, you did not once think of quitting SHIELD. You were was his legacy, the primary example of a SHIELD agent. When Fury came to you, giving you the necessary clearance and knowledge of the ressurection of your father, you even restrained yourself from punching him. Always calm, always in control. Just the way you learned it.

You father was not happy when you requested being part of his team. Of course, he gladly took you with him anyway. Your capability was invaluable and he was more than happy at the prospect of spending more time with you.

Aunt Melinda said that two Coulsons were too much to handle, but smiled at you and even gave you a quick hug when she came on board.

You have never been prouder to call Phil Coulson your dad when Fury indirectly proclaimed him an Avenger, though the promotion to Director Coulson became a close second.

You know why your loyalty stands unwavering with SHIELD. Because you know the man at the top the organisation. You know his heart. Your father is the best kind a man can be.


My man James rushing to rescue his man John just before he realises he actually has a rebellion to lead