Firefly Episode 12 The Message

“When ya can’t run you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, when you can’t do that…”  Tracey

You find someone to carry you.”  Zoe Washburne


Bard: no, i mean , now, just you, your voice, you will sing for me?

Are you breathing
What I’m breathing
Are your wishes
The same as mine
Are you needing
What I’m needing
I’m waiting for a sign
My hands tremble
My heart aches
Is it you calling
Is it you calling
If I’m alone in this
I don’t think I can face
The consequences of falling


song by k.d. lang “the consequences of falling” from the movie “Soldier’s girls” scene.


Firefly Episode 10 War Stories

“Hey, I’ve been in a firefight before…well I was in a fire…Actually I was fired from a fry-cook opportunity….I can handle myself.”  Hoban Washburne


Firefly Episode 5 Safe

“Human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.”  River Tam

Morbid and creepifying I got no problem with, as long as she does it quiet like.”  Captain Malcolm Reynolds


Firefly Episode 11 Trash

“Well as a rule, I say girl folk ain’t to be trusted.”  Jayne Cobb

“Jayne is a girls name.”  River Tam

“Well Jayne ain’t a girl.”  Jayne Cobb

Michael Goi tweeted a photo of the program for the FYC American Horror Story: Hotel panel, being held next Monday, June 13th. In the tweet, he says “I wonder what will be revealed on this night…”, heavily implying that we might get the season 6 theme then.