I tried taking a time lapse with my iPhone during the eclipse earlier today. Turns out it wasn’t tilted at the right angle and didn’t get any of the sun. So instead of posting a dumb, unremarkable photo I took today, I decided to share someone else’s amazing eclipse picture!

If anyone wants to see a decent time lapse of clouds, let me know because I can definitely deliver!

Image Credit: Bryan Minear (Instagram: @bryanminear )

If anyone has any cool eclipse pictures from today and wants to share, send them my way! I might even post one on my blog :)


Firefly Episode 12 The Message

“When ya can’t run you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, when you can’t do that…”  Tracey

You find someone to carry you.”  Zoe Washburne


Bard: no, i mean , now, just you, your voice, you will sing for me?

Are you breathing
What I’m breathing
Are your wishes
The same as mine
Are you needing
What I’m needing
I’m waiting for a sign
My hands tremble
My heart aches
Is it you calling
Is it you calling
If I’m alone in this
I don’t think I can face
The consequences of falling


song by k.d. lang “the consequences of falling” from the movie “Soldier’s girls” scene.

Confession #2,850

My seizures are so bad my husband left me.I feel abandoned but I was almost this lonely with him.I get emotionally abusive and I had no idea I had those seizures.I don’t remember or feel those ways.Our son is ASD.I have ENDO and IBS.Even my cat attacks me.I’m loosing faith in my ability to have a happy life.Hubby is still the closest thing I have to family.Mineare not supportive in a practical way.I’m 35 and I feel done and since it’s my body, not my choices,there’s nothing I can do for myself.