Kotobuki Reiji. Quartet Night (Uta no Prince-Sama)

Image drawn as on-site commission for me (@shy-megane-otaka​)at CosMania2017
by artist Ara @thetrainstations
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Uta No Prince-sama X Karaoke No Tetsujin Collab Quartet Night Room

Went with @moirica on 16/12/26!

The room was so beautiful *______* We didn’t want to leave!
They also had a Starish and Heavens room~

I ordered QN’s and Ai-chan’s drink~

QN’s drink was a little on the plain side, kinda tasted like soda water, but the jelly stars was really nice!
Ai-chan’s was sweeter and really tasty! It was blueberry flavor

Edit: Ai-chan’s drink was sweet, just like Ai-chan~ 💜

Karaoke is never complete without Shoutan XD