normal brain: sasusaku is underdeveloped as a pairing and is an insult to the character development that Sakura got

bigger brain: the actual manga was drawn out and made no sense and the endgame pairings are just about making more money with a new generation it’s Not That Deep

cosmic brain: lets be real no one was ever expecting a Gay Ending but if he had to make it good and christian™ why not NS? Literally though???

Ultimate Brain: Sasusaku = mlm/wlw solidarity, they go clubbing on Fridays and sasuke once cried all over sakura because the pineapple garnish on his cocktail reminded him of naruto


Once, all we did was clash with each other. But now, we share each other’s pain. After all my travels through the world, I came to the conclusion that this sharing of pain can perhaps be applied to something much bigger than us. But I cannot do things like you. Things don’t go that smoothly, as you and I more than anyone know…the bigger something is the harder. The idea is almost a player. To keep enduring, no matter what, until things come to past. And for we, who must endure, perhaps that’s what it means to be a ninja.

Things That Are Kinda Canon but Not Really
  • Sasuke is blind af and secretly needs glasses
  • Itachi and Shisui were in love
  • Danzo ordered Itachi not to destroy anyone’s eyes when he took down the Uchiha clan so he could have them for his collection
  • White Zetsu cut Obito’s hair to look like his
  • The Nara, Akimichi and Yamanaka clans’ main branch families are forbidden from interbreeding because that would mess up InoShikaCho
  • Itachi and Shisui were each other’s first kiss
  • Every single member of the Akatsuki had to delicately paint their finger nails to make sure they don’t get polish on the side and have to redo it
  • Sasuke and Sakura do each other’s hair
  • Naruto definitly rubbed it in Sasuke’s face when he got taller than him
  • Kakashi started wearing his mask because he was embarrassed about his mole but now it’s just habit
  • Tobirama gets his looks from his mama
  • Hashirama decided to learn medical ninjutsu because he was tired of seeing his fellow shinobi die on the battlefield and he just wanted to be able to do something about it
  • Obito probably wasn’t the first Uchiha kid Madara saved from the battlefield, he was probably just the first to survive
  • Madara was literally a genius, not just in battle strategy but also in science
  • Kabuto was the one who went shopping for the food and he probably cooked too
  • Naruto took his mother’s last name because she was the one who was still alive when Lord Third came and got him