C: I’m pregnant.
J: But… you said you were unable to.
C: Apparently, I was wrong. Are you happy?
J: I never thought I’d be able to say such a thing again, but yes. Yes! Yes! I’m verra happy indeed, Sassenach!



Mir tut es leid für jene, die, wie ich, sensibel sind
Die nicht kapieren können, warum die halbe Welt aus Krieg besteht
Für alle Menschen, die ständig nur auf der Stelle treten
Nicht wissen, wo sie hingehören und sich der Hölle ergeben
—  cr7z
yoo soundcheck munich 17/05/15
  • yoo soundcheck munich 17/05/15

fuck it took me ages to upload this bhsvf

okay you can hear me saying “seriously” (in german) multiple times at the beginning bc pretentious musiC BUT OKAY IMAGINE THIS YOUVE BEEN SITTING THERE FOR TEN MINUTES AND IT FEELS LIKE YEARS AND THEN THAT MUSIC STARTS PLAYING AND LIKE WTF so u see michael behind the speakers and amplifiers (well i didnt bc i’m small LOL so i thought what kind of asshole is this…..) and he walks out like an asshole with that smirk plastered on his face and he goES HELLO I MELTED

so michael was wearing a red/gray ish baseball tee, luke was all in black, and calum and ashton wore shorts and calum was walking around with a mug and his trucker cap and he looked so cute and ashton with his maN BUN

im sorry if this isnt the best quality but security told us not to record anything and if we did they’d throw us out and not let us in for the concert so i had to put it in my rucksack!!