• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:maggie greene-rhee, an actual ray of sunshine, never should have been through this. ever since day one she has never given up. she's protected her family against countless walkers and people. she lost her step-mom and step-brother, helped her little sister overcome a suicide attempt, and lost her home twice. maggie, who brought judith into the world, and who had to witness her father beheaded by a man who abused her. who was separated from everyone she loved and alone. who's sister was shot and killed, just after she learned she was alive. who fought off captors while pregnant. and being pregnant, and not able to know if her husband was alive or not. who was then reunited with him just to lose him and her baby. honestly, she lost her whole family and she was still the FIRST to stand again. maggie greene is so unbelievably strong and she deserved so much fucking better.