Magnus had started lying about his age young, and had never dropped the habit. It did get a little embarrassing sometimes when he forgot what lie he’d told to whom. Someone had once asked him what Julius Caesar was like, and Magnus had stared at him for much too long and said, “Not tall?”

Bitty accidentally lets details slip about his boyfriend. Ransom and Holster, as responsible co-captains, decide it is their business to accumulate this information. They discover that Bitty’s boyfriend is tall, that he’s an athlete, that he’s loaded, that he just adores Bitty, and that he’s French Canadian. 

“Rans, bro,” Holster says one day. “I think Bitty replaced Jack with his boyfriend.”

“Bro, what if Bits was just like…pining away over Jack for years and we never picked up on it? What if Bits spends the rest of his life trying to find someone like Jack!?” Rans replies. 

They spend a good few months trying to convince Bitty that his relationship isn’t healthy since he’s clearly just found a Jack clone and it’s not fair to that poor boy, whoever he is. 

When Bitty and Jack finally come out, Rans and Holster are just horrified that Bitty’s left his poor, sweet boyfriend for Jack.

It takes them years to accept the truth. 

when an astrology post paints me in a positive light: YES this is exactly it!!!! this is what i’m about!!!! the stars aligned for this!!! honestly so about this!!!! i’m telling you!!!

when an astrology post paints me in a negative light: LMAO HONESTLY who even THINKS this bullshit pseudoscience could be true for ONE SINGLE SECOND i can’t even BELIEVE this #fake shit smh

Venus Sign Vows
  • Aries:I vow to excite you, to make new memories every day
  • Taurus:I vow to treat you well, to bring you every earthly pleasure
  • Gemini:I vow to stimulate you, to tell you everything I know
  • Cancer:I vow to nurture you, to make a home with you
  • Leo:I vow to dazzle you, to sweep you off your feet
  • Virgo:I vow to help you, to achieve your goals along with mine
  • Libra:I vow to support you, to be everything you need me to be
  • Scorpio:I vow to devote myself to you, to never leave you
  • Sagittarius:I vow to learn with you, to explore the world with you
  • Capricorn:I vow to be there for you, to always have your back
  • Aquarius:I vow to accept you, to never want to change you
  • Pisces:I vow to love you, to give you my soul